Some vested power centers, with visible support of the high ranking self styled leftist leaders, are trying hard to undone what the left has proclaimed as trying to achieve through its relentless struggles for the working classes in the social system.

The mounting dilapidation of the overall political standards in India has further degraded the already putrefying ideological self-esteem of left political movements. The leftists were once been the movement of ideology based realistic, simple, honest, stanch and brisk leaders who always stood with the deprived poor sections of the society against the natural ingredients of a capitalist mode of development like corruption, favoritism and marginalization, rightly ignoring the existed religious, social, economic and cultural imbalanced divisions within [the social system] and energetically advocating for a socialist revolution paving way for the socialist shibboleth of equality. But some vested power centers, with visible support of the high ranking self styled leftist leaders, are trying hard to undone what the left has proclaimed as trying to achieve through its relentless struggles for the working classes in the social system.

Left Parties India 2 300x225 Diminishing Credence of Left Political Movements in India

Some of the high ranking leaders of the left parties and most of the low level leaders are nowadays fallen into the deep morass of political adventurism, political exploitation and rapacious longing for preeminence, all of which are the characteristics of non-communist and non-socialist political organizations or movements in a bourgeoisie set-up. Some of the left leaders are shamelessly engaging in discernible trusses with the pet bourgeoisie, the wealthy class, who are now dictating terms in the polity and capitalist social structure and with whose maneuvered funds, rightist/centrist parties construct the political beams of parliamentary democracy.

If the left leaders continue to vigorously co-operate with the pet bourgeoisie in one side and reciting the shibboleth of a socialist revolution against the same class on the other, then it is for the ordinary citizens of the country to decide who is the actual hypocrite? Certainly it is not those who embraced a capitalist culture and liberalist notions and believe in the perpetuity of these political ideologies as an inevitable driving force for the overall development of the human society.

Significance of Political Education

The immortality of Marxist ideology is its unparalleled ability to scientifically define the evolution of human relations, sustenance through the ages and its transformations. The ideology of Marxism teaches to be simplistic, to care about others, to abandon the very idea of ‘me’ and to be a ray of hope which would ultimately provide a world of equals. The Marxist ideology tries to point out the inherent contradictions within the material life and the social superstructure.

The Indian society has conventionally been divided on the basis of culture, community, religion and language and the ideology of class divisions is vulnerable to the existing social divisions of the society. Accepting the traditional capitalist conceptions and terms of religious, social, political and economic dissections and the uphill task of the leftists to transform the society working within its traditional structure, will most probably result in the leftists themselves to be fascinated and attracted by the fetish created by the splendor of a capitalist culture. This is what has been happened to the left movements so far. A significant reason for this subjugation may be the failure to properly understand the socialist ideology or the underestimation of potency of the capitalist system.

Political education is the most important activity before transforming the society to carry out a socialist revolution. The left movements in India pitifully failed to provide the basic ideological education to its cadre as they were busy in digging out systemic errors and political blunders committed by the other liberalist oppositions. Understanding the mistakes of other opposite organizations is certainly important to proceed positively, but before that, the left should understand their ideological base, which most of the other movements desperately lack and which will be the determining factor in the success of a socialist revolution. Yielding to the traditional base and trying to change the superstructure cannot guarantee the sustainability of a socialist revolution. So in order to cope with the unique social and cultural state of affairs in India, the idea of ‘working class’ as the core is to be changed to the idea of ‘deprived sections of the society’.

Left Parties India 1 300x224 Diminishing Credence of Left Political Movements in India

The Working Classes and Deprived Sections

The working class, both in organized and unorganized sectors, has attained certain sustainability while a great mass of non-working class, the most poor and deprived sections in the society, constituted by the jobless, landless and homeless continue to be sidelined. The working class is not satisfied with what they have already achieved [they have surety to their minimum wages] and they will, including those in the left organizations, continue to thrust for more, while a great number of others are waiting to be accounted to. Hence the working class and the left organizations as a whole, must contribute their energy and resources to the development of other poor sections in the society, than to engage in meaningless struggles and dim-witted agitations spearheaded by the quest of greed. A more radical thinking will reveal that the problem is with the social system and only a ‘socialist revolution’ under the guidance of real socialists can pave way for the ultimate aim of social equality. In order to carry out a socialist revolution and to change the entire nature of ‘the system’, the left is not supposed to fight within the established walls of the existing system. But before thinking about socialist revolution, the left should pay attention to its leaders and cadres, most of them seemed to have lost their ideological base, if they had had any.

Degradation of Leadership

Even though the ‘Marxist’ ideology is realist, an ideological thinking is always integral to its understanding and subsequent integration to our way of life. But the general political degradation in the society has caused a meltdown in the political behavior and activism of the cadres and leaders of the left political organizations. The capitalist elements have succeeded in infiltrating a new generation of leaders, which is quite visible in the political spectrum. Accepting the psychological, physical and monetary support of the pet bourgeoisie for the establishment and maintenance of certain structures of the leftist institutions, can never be a thought out positive step towards social revolution. Even after receiving the bourgeoisie support for a ‘self claimed’ communist party, the leaders have sought to justify the mistakes already committed and not one of them courageously accepted their slip-ups. Do not forget that reluctance in accepting a mistake committed will only degrade the already diminished credibility of the organizations and deceitfully justifying a mistake will certainly be an another grave blunder.

The Troubled Past and Hope for Future

It is almost 80 years since the left parties were established aiming for a socialist revolution. The revolution, even now remains as a long unattained dream. No one other than the leaders of the left parties is to blame for the backward advance of the political movement. In a true capitalist economy like India, where the relations of production, mode and its means are quite different from that of the industrialized nations, the political movement has to build up a base for itself. The unique cultural, communal, religious, geographical and economic relations of sustenance [equivalent to relations of production], made a certain population sidelined and deprived. They included a considerable section in the society who was deprived of their basic needs on the basis of caste, creed, religion, geography, culture and lingual aspects.

Thus, the uniqueness of these social divisions in the society in India gave the left political movements a huge responsibility than that of any other nation where the societies can easily be categorized upon class divisions. This enormous responsibility has become a burden and the lack of leadership, the missed opportunities, fetish towards the illusions of capitalism and importantly the ideological decay, all contributed to the downfall of the left political activism and now stand set apart from its real aim, the socialist revolution, development and equality for all. The left political movements have become mere political organizations participating in the democratic process in a capitalist country and it could no longer stand up against the illusions of capitalism and its culture if its cadres continue to be submerged in the [deceptive] glory of the same.

Without trying to change the base, which is ideologically corrupted, the left tries to seek concessions from the capitalists. They stand with the capitalists, championing the capitalist ideas of leisure, exploitation and snobbish facilities on the one side and vow to fight it on the other. The left parties in India have become self claimed ‘communists’ working within the capitalist system, accepting the capitalist culture and an unconditional rollback to its basic ideological notions can only revive the almost lost credence of these movements. It is most significant in a human centric view point that they go back to the base.

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