Yes, I’m crestfallen to face the new reality of my motherland – not because BJP has won hands down – I’m feeling let down by the House of Congress.

Yes, I’m crestfallen to face the new reality of my motherland – not because BJP has won hands down; not because the country is sliding fast into the saffron valley; not because an arrogant, crafty and flatulent duet has registered another hit of political chorus. I’m feeling let down by the House of Congress.

Granted that the party was never been the bunch of saints and sagas but it had given the country the first democratic set-up. Today with the burgeoning new ideologies of Hindu Rashtra have dragged that very concept of democracy to the altar.

democracy in india Yes Im Crestfallen...........!

These are best of the times for Saffron Club; these are the days marked with marked with marble for RSS; these are worst of the days for those who had seen a dream of a just society. If the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi is culprit, a law-broker and defaulter why no action has been taken against him so far? He was charged for the worst crimes by no less than the Prime Minister himself?

Gandhi family was destroyed with the ignominy of ‘Vadra Deals.’ But for the Vadra Deals, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is reduced to irrelevance and Sonia Gandhi has to look the other side when they talk of  honesty in public life. Rahul Gandhi is no more than a caricature as he was always a non-starter. He remains the born political idiot of the family but goes on the most endearing oaf within a guarded clique at the expense of nation and Congress party.

I’m heartbroken as Congress has even today no dearth of talented people but no one is showing the courage to tell Sonia and Rahul to step aside. Give chance to do the work to those who can do the work. Please allow the talented individuals to salvage the jetsam and flotsam of the drowning gondola. Congress is not the fiefdom of Nehru family. It was Congress that brought the illustrious family to lime light – not the other way round.

rahul gandhi sonia gandhi Yes Im Crestfallen...........!

The issues that had brought BJP to power, other than the delusions and illusions of ‘vikas,’ are out of fashion debate.

Each and every issue that had catapulted BJP and Naredra Modi to centre stage is either obfuscated or forgotten. Black Money would never come back and it is almost confirmed with the statements of BJP stalwarts. Where are two black money aficionados, the Ayurvedic Salesman Baba Ramdev and the embodiment of honesty and integrity, Anna Hazare.

People may no longer show the daring to remind NaMo about the taller claim and promises Prime Minister had made before election. It is all a dead horse and the tricky answers would be churned out to pull the wool over the eyes of public. This was the second issue that had pushed the Congress into oblivion. The nation can listen the BJP’s echo of excuses of what Congress had been blaring before defeat. Nothing is changed Mr. India!

There were black blunders of Coal and the hands of BJP and Congress are dirty in tango. It is material who is enjoying the breeze of black forest and who is being assigned to clean the bower.

‘Vikas’ was a mirage that was shown to the gullible voter. Unemployed youth went all out to chase the dream of Acche Din, a threshold of good life.

Modi wave bjp namo Yes Im Crestfallen...........!

Take a round of Vegetable market, a government hospital and a police station and check for yourself what is changed. Price of Petrol and diesel is no governed by government prudent policies. If the BJP wants to take credit for the fall of prices in international market, they could attribute the natural spring that follows the autumn. 

Before me lies the book – “The Idiot Vote: The Democratic Core Constituency” by the famous author Harry Stein. The book is available at Amazon also for $3.95. The author describes the youth vote as an “impressive subset of the idiot vote, possessed of an ignorance  both deep and broad. Alas, in the two generations from (passage of the 26th Amendment in 1971 which lowered the voting age to 18) to now, the responsibilities of citizenship have come to rest ever more lightly on the shoulders of the young, leaving us with more fresh faced, bright-eyed ignoramuses helping chart the nation’s future than ever.

‘Who commanded our troops in the American Revolution,’ Jay Leno asked one student in his long-running, never-fails-to-startle segment ‘Jay Walking,’ The  kid replied with assurance: ‘Churchill.’Have you heard of the Gettysburg Address?’ he asked a young woman. ‘Yes, I’ve heard of it,’ she allowed, ‘but I don’t know the exact address.’

You see why I’m worried?

house of congress nehru family Yes Im Crestfallen...........!

I’m worried because the vision of Gandhi has been hijacked. I’m distressed because icons of democracy have been cornered; I’m perturbed because the public has been sold a bill without any great hope of genuine goods. Showing the dreams is different than fulfilling the dreams!

By: Naim Naqvi

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