Here is a neat analysis of the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2015 with a prediction on the Quarter Final draws.

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At the Half Way Stage – Cricket World Cup 2015 and Quarter Final Predictions 

We are just two matches past from the halfway stage, or towards the business end of the tournament, and despite the one-sided nature of a lot of contests, it is fair to say that the World Cup 2015 has been a fairly entertaining one. The intent to win every match was on display by all the teams including the associates, which makes the World Cup the darling event of Cricket. Here is a neat analysis of the ongoing Cricket World cup and it follows with a prediction on the Quarter Final draws. Do read it if you are a cricket fan.


An in-depth analysis of the Union Budget and its implications. The post comes with loads of figures and numbers that summarize this year’s budget. What are the major expenditure in the book of accounts or what are the main inflows of funds, all the relevant questions have been touched upon in this article.

Unknown Facts about Indian Railways and IRCTC

‘Unknown Facts about Indian Railways and IRCTC is always an interesting subject to all of us because many of us know just that Indian railway is a rail-road in India and just a mode of transport in India. But today here i would like to put some unknown facts about Indian railways and Irctc. India it self a worlds one of the largest economy and Indian railways is a many important role in this economy and infrastructure of India.’ Read more to know the interesting and little known facts about the Indian Railways.

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