Read the criminal history of Uber cab rapist, Shiv Kumar Yadav, who is booked under various crimes incl. rape, attempt to rape, robbery, and even Goonda & Arms Act! Don’t miss his character certificate!

Uber was alerted of Shiv Kumar Yadav’s creepy behaviour by a young female customer on November 26th – she sent the feed back to the company as soon as the cab ride ended.  

She took the cab with Shiv Kumar Yadav on November 26. After having a bad experience with the driver she immediately reported the driver. However, she received a reply on the same from Uber after a week on December 2. This is how the reply by the Uber Company looks like –

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There are reports that says Shiv Kumar Yadav has patterns of assaulting women. Earlier in 2011, he was arrested for raping a woman who worked in a Gurgaon Pub. However, he was released after 7 months in Tihar Jail. On what grounds? Well, there was an out of the court settlement in the case.

In Delhi, there are 6 cases under him for similar crime as reported by Delhi Police. They even suspect that there might be more cases where the victim didn’t report the crime.

The story doesn’t end here.

The Uber taxi Rapist, Shiv Kumar Yadav, 2 years later in 2013, raped another woman in his native place Mainpuri, a district in Uttar Pradesh, the hub of SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav. Even then he wasn’t given severe punishment but was released on bail. Rotten to the core, there are many cases of rape, molestation and attempted rapes on him. In fact, the moment this man entered the Ramnagar Village of Mainpuri district, parents of girls urged them not to leave the house. Yes, as dangerous as that. 

uber taxi rapist1 Know Thy Criminal! Rap Sheet of the Uber Rapist

The man, not just passed lewd comments on the young girls, but pulled their duppatas, molest them, and did all the wrong things he could. Villagers, no wonder, are wellknown of his antics. The Local Ramnagar Police, was so exasperated by this habitual offender, that they even had to extern him from the entire district for a year. Yes, “zilabadar” commonly known as “tadipaar”.

In Mainpuri, he is lodged under section 354/523 (assault or criminal force on a woman with intent to outrage her modesty) along with other crimes.


Shiv Kumar Yadav’s father, Ramnath Yadav, was a school teacher, who retired as headmaster of the local municipal school. He’s now a devastated man. He had ordered his son to leave home – an order that Shiv Kumar didn’t heed. Villager after villager said TOI reporters that 76-year-old Ramnath was a good man who didn’t deserve the ignominy heaped on him by his son. His mother, Gangashree, says she can’t face the shame and would rather die. (Source)

Yadav’s school friend, Manoj, also a driver, claimed that Yadav had molested a girl from the village when he was only 16 years old. “He was with two other people and didn’t hesitate even once while holding her hand forcefully… The elders in the village spoke to his parents and asked them to counsel him. The girl’s family and Yadav’s family reached a compromise and the matter was settled,” he alleged. (Source)

Is He Married?

Yes, he is! He married the widow of his elder brother and stays with her and their children in Delhi

Not just a serial rapist, 32 year old Shiv Kumar Yadav is a serial criminal as well, who has number of cases registered against him including possessing a gun without license. He was also booked under the section 376/354, the Goondas Act and the Arms Act in 2013.

Uber driver Re 525 Know Thy Criminal! Rap Sheet of the Uber Rapist

A Quick Look At His Criminal Record

2003 – Attempt to Rape and Criminal Assault, Mainpuri

2006 — Cases under Goonda Act, Mainpuri

2008 – Charged for Arson, the same time the DM ordered ‘tadipar’ from Mainpuri district for a year.

2009 – Tadipar again, this time for 6 months.

2011 – Rape and Robbery in Delhi. The same rape for which he was released after 7 months.

2013 – Another case of Rape and Robbery

Still this man with so many cases against him including rape was hired by Uber. Oh, well, he did give  a character certificate, didn’t he. Something you would like to see. Here it is, the forged and fake character certificate of serial rapist, courtesy @AAPYouthWing

shiv kumar yadav uber rapist Know Thy Criminal! Rap Sheet of the Uber Rapist

Had there been proper investigations, forget Uber, nobody would want Shiv Kumar Yadav as an employee. Yet, he was roaming freely, committing multiple crimes including rape. Who is to be blamed now?

By: Deepti Verma


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