Indian Politics : If criminals and illiterates are going to sit in the offices and represent us nationally, who will take us seriously?

The second phase of Jammu and Kashmir elections saw candidates from backgrounds varying from illiterates to criminals. What makes this situation more confusing is the losing trend of genuine public interest. We have low, rather nearly nil participation from the educated class. Nine illiterates, two class 5th pass, 26 class 8th pass, 30 10th pass, six with criminal charges, 55 crorepatis and five with no listed qualifications were the highlighted candidates in these polls.

If criminals are going to sit in the offices and represent us nationally, who will take us seriously? Trust and faith in the political parties and government will be lost as soon as the truth shows its face.

criminal indian politicians From Criminals to Illiterates : Indian Politics Submerging Standards

How can people with criminals charges work upon laws? The uneducated MLAs talk about development in the state, when the education policies are as familiar to them as aliens to us. The development of Jammu and Kashmir has always been a major worry along with border issues and with faces like these in the assembly, the picture is least likely to change.

However, in a research conducted by the University of Cambridge, it was found that Indians tend to vote more for candidates with serious criminal charges. It is the shooter who is to be blamed and not the gun. We have NOTA, the very tool to condemn corrupt politics.

Voters are the ones who decide the political scenario. When we can vote biased by religion or caste, then educational qualification and criminal charges can definitely be a part of our judgment criteria.

Well the story is no different at the centre. We do have a 12th pass as our HRD minister.

Not just voters, even the rules made by Election Commission should be strict enough to omit these hypocrisies. As every job profile has a set of qualifications, a similar change should be made in the arena of politics. Educated ministers will without doubt, make informed decisions. Sooner we start to vote wisely, better it will turn out to be for the future generations to come. 

By: Jeevanjot Ghuman

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