Syria is socialist country and not a monarchy. Eager to punish Syria, and full making use of the current crisis, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday urged the international community to take a “decisive and serious” stand against the regime of Bashar Assad for massacring Syrian people using chemical and other destructive weapons.

The West advocates for democracy, peace and egalitarian society. However, in case of the crisis in Syria, all these thrilling concepts could wait for. They have much more important tasks to brood. There should be two constants to ensure the uninterrupted supply of Gasoline: Presence of a bully Israel as Damocles sword and regular war of attrition between the Arab States. In the absence of both, the oil producing nations could unite one day and disturb the critical oil supply. To facilitate their interests, the dictators of desert regions, with competing loyalty to West, have come forward and they want Russia, China and Iran to take leave of the region. But the nations, challenging the hegemony of West, are hard nuts to crack. They also have their own loyal governments which are showing the formidable stable power. West had never anticipated this and or bargained for it.

Where they go from here? It should be a war to end a war.  So the headline of a Saudi newspaper says: “KSA, Arab League seek decisive world stand on Syria.”

It is interesting to observe that more than Israel, even more than the West, the House of Al Sauds and Qatari Emir are desperate to show the door to Al Asad. No conclusive UN report corroborating the involvement of government of Prez Bashar al Asad’s use of Chemical Weapons has been put on record. Even the US is unsure. Patience is an unknown commodity if at all the Wahabi Regimes are threatened. Looking back into the history of the Arabian Desert none of these new states could claim any rightful historical assertion of their thrones. They are a rootless phenomena, tyrannical, absolute monarchies and have nothing in common  with the word – Democracy. They are there because the West planted these ruling Beduin tribess, their puppets, when the Turkish Empire was collapsing.

Syria is socialist country and not a monarchy. Eager to punish Syria, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, making use of the ongoing crisis in Syria, urged the international community to take a “decisive and serious” stand against the regime of Bashar Assad for massacring Syrian people using chemical and other destructive weapons.

“The rejection of the Syrian regime of all serious and earnest Arab efforts and the horrible massacres he committed against his people … requires a decisive and serious stand by the international community to end the humanitarian tragedy of the Syrian people,” said Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal.

Contrary to stand taken by trigger happy royals, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday dismissed the claims that the Syria regime has used chemical weapons as nonsense and demanded that the United States provide proof. He rejected communication intercepts as evidence, saying that they cannot be used to take “fundamental decisions” like using military force on Syria. “Common sense speaks for itself,” he said. It could take up to three weeks, in the least, according to the organization in charge of the investigation, to analyze the evidence collected by the team to reach conclusively the inference. Earlier the US had fought the royal battles in the Middle East on Contract Basis accorded by rulers of Oil rich states. US President Barack Obama took on a huge political gamble this time on Saturday, when he asked Congress to authorize military action against Syria. He is telling the royals of desert that he is doing something to facilitate their wish. However, his cunning move lifted the threat of immediate strikes on President Bashar Assad’s regime. Now, he would wait for the Congress to approve. “I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people’s representatives in Congress.”

Obama might be relatively confident of winning a vote in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats. But it includes a number of Republicans, like Sen. John McCain, who have argued for military action against Syria.

As it appears, the coalition against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, has started to fracture even before being formed. The British government’s is blocked in its efforts to escalate war by its House of Commons. The harsh Western rhetoric against President Al-Assad is turning into a timid discourse. Skepticism and earnest doubts are raising the heads that questions both the wisdom and consequences of a possible attack. The world can feel the significant shift in the Western approach to the Syrian crisis as propaganda of chemical arms in not finding buyers.

What should be next move to save face?

President Barack Obama postponed threatened missile strikes against Syria on Saturday.  To everyone’s surprise he announced that he would seek approval from Congress for action against Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons. This effectively pushed military action back until at least September 9, when US lawmakers return from their summer recess. Obama insisted that he reserves the right to strike regardless of Congress’ decision, and a White House official said the pause would also allow him time to build international support.

Now, who’re the real players? Syrian Army with the tactical support of Hezobllah has put the rebels on the run. The fortifications and support from Al-Qaida, Chechenya and Turkey is proving ineffective. The West has cringed in response to LIMITED STRIKE. It is futile. The game is tipped and there is a reason for that. The West is no longer ready to get befuddled by Israel or Tyrant Arab Royals. Who would come if Asad goes?  The answer is Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra fighters, instead of “moderate” Syrian rebels. That is not a scenario that the West is ready to bargain for.

So, for now, we will continue to  hear some fire crackers or damp squibs and some bombastic speeches. But that’s about it.

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