Pavitra Rishta off late has been too crowded with lots of unnecessary character. Don’t you think the show must now get rid of some standing characters?

Pavitra Rishta earlier was a story of a middle class couple Archana – Manav and they were supported by a set of strong supporting characters in the form of their parents, siblings, associates etc. Back then, all the supporting characters had an important role to play, none of them was ever a burden to the show or appeared like a liability.

Next, Pavitra Rishta took a 20 year leap and then the story shifted from Archana – Manav and focused mainly on their adopted daughter Purvi and her beau Arjun. Here, too a lot of emphasis was given to the main character but the ancillary characters too had a pivotal role to play.

rithvikasha Oh So Over Crowded Pavitra Rishta!

None of the other supporting actors at any given point of time appeared as vestigal. The reason being, every character had their own interesting plots which connected the story and helped the plot to move further. Be it Ovi, Teju, Onir, Sulochana Aai, Sachin, Archana – Manav, Punni or even Punni’s boss or for that matter Soham’s foster parents, because each had an important role in the serial.

However, post the recent 20 year leap where Ankita and Naren are playing the lead, Pavitra Rishta has become too crowded. So much that there is less focus on the main story and so even the most effective scene doesnt create an impact on the audiences. Let’s consider the most recent scene where Archana reveals Pia’s identity. Well, it could have been more dramatic and impressive, couldn’t it? But, no there was less focus on Archana and Pia but more on Nina, Sachin, Damodar, Savita, Teju, Pushti etc etc. Had there been less characters present there the scene would have given the show another light but no looks like the CVs are more interested in these unnecessary characters rather than the mainn plot.

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I wonder, what was the need of Pushti in that scene. She was so not required just like Nina and his son along with Sachin who too are waste and time killers of the show. Moreover, what is the point of having the great grandparents in the picture? Veteran actors are agan being wasted here.

Ekta should rather end the track of these not so needed characters or can shift them to another serial so that Pavitra Rishta doesn’t look overcrowded for the audiences. In the midst of these unnecessary characters, Hiten Tejwani often appears like a bichara who neither have enough screen presence nor a proper dialogue. Teju who once was the most happy go lucky character in the show is the most pitied character now with neither any important role nor any plot, scene or sequence.

In addition there is Soham’s family who are again a part of the crowd but atleast they have some role. Then there is Naren’s parents, his aunt Sunanda, his brother Raunaq and sister in law Kinnari who consume much of the time in the show giving very little time to the main lead Ankita – Naren. Also, how can I forget my favorite jodi – Arjun – Purvi who now have not a major part to play but still have characters revolving around them like Rishabh Kapoor and one more guy whose name I forgot.

CVs should now have pity on the hardcore Pavitra Rishta fans because they are not here to watch the nonsense track where 0 importance is given to the main characters. It is high time that Pavitra Rishta get rid of some unnecessary characters rather than spoiling the essence of the show which is on the verge of completing 1500 episodes in a month or two.

By: Deepti Verma

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