Such crimes will continue in Bengaluru if action is not taken with proper thoughts and direction.

My comment on B.luru incidents & the remedies.
A mass scale molestation took place on the night of 31st Dec 2016, in Bengaluru. Generally immoral activities are very prevalent in this place and this incident is only a repetition to confirm that men and women are more or less used to such situations, as otherwise at least the women could have avoided their presence at a place which was by no means suitable for women to visit, and that too at dead of night.
bengaluru molestation new years eve CURE FOR PERVERTED SEX
It is a fact men have a tremendous attraction for women and most of them long for an outlet to satisfy their thirst. All men knew that the women who visit the bars get drunk and loose their control .  This situation was taken advantage of by the persons waiting for any woman to satisfy the lust for sex.The intoxication effect is more in men when they see near nude dresses worn by the women. They all develop beastly instinct to catch the women body where ever they can and squeeze the portions protruding from the body.
Fortunately, there has not been a report of f… in an open place. We cannot set aside the stimulations of the men at that hour and at that situation. It is only the women who should be responsible for kindling the animal spirit of men folk by their turbulent behaviour, drinks, dresses copied from their imaginative paradise of US. These women possess a lot of American money which is also an influencing factor for their attitude towards celebrating some of the imported festivals and imported habits. India is a land of great culture and these women are ready to sell the culture in the name of modern life style.
b luru molestation CURE FOR PERVERTED SEX
While many writers have put forward punishment, counselling education, etc. for men, they have failed to consider the treatment for such careless and characterless women. Think of women folk who visit temples, churches, masjids etc. Have these women been tortured, molested, raped. Why ? Men have respect for women who look celestial and do wear clothes which are torn to induce onlookers to see through them the beauty and shape of the bodies.No one is drunk before visiting such sacred places. They see divinity in women who maintain dignity and integrity which help to preserve their image.
Therefore, I can boldly suggest that there needs to be restriction on the freedom of movement of women by banning them from visiting vulnerable places at least after early evening and also without an escort. This can bring down the atrocities to a barest minimum level.
The Govt. Administrators should avoid their urge in seeing nude videos to command dignity.
Bars and restaurants to close by 10.00 p.m. to avoid the rush from IT members.
IT companies to introduce a code of conduct for every employee.
Police to act strictly on the offenders without accepting bribe.
Autos, taxis movement to be watched at strategic points.
A continuous mobile vigilance with emergency contact to be established.
Such crimes will continue in B.luru if action is not taken with proper thoughts and direction. Buying 1000s of CCTV cameras will be a wasteful expenditure of taxed money which may fill up some party candidate, but it will not be a solution to the problem, unless the lethargy of Legislators and fat in belly of  police are shed .
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