Dal’s price is shooting up progressively and the day is not far when ‘Dal’ will be considered a feast and not ‘chicken’.

There is a proverb in Hindi ‘Ghar Ka Murgi Dal Barabar.’ It means Self possessions are always undermined and others’ possessions seem better. If we get something easily, generally we never realise the importance to it. Far-away mountains are always beautiful.

Today let’s understand the inherent meaning of the Hindi saying. Actually it says that home grown chicken is like plain Dal. If we again simplify it will be like this. Chicken is a costly food and Dal is common man’s food.

chicken Dal: Fouth Indian To Have Scored Double Century In ODIs.

However, time has changed and also it is time to alter the old Hindi saying. Now the cost of Dal is more than chicken. One Kilo of Chicken costs 120 rupees while Dal costs 200 rupees. So it should be written as ‘Ghar ka Dal Murgi Barabar.’ No matter, how good the Chicken is in your home, you still think of tasting Dal ( Pulses) outside…

 Non-Vegetarian people especially young guys seem happy with this price rise. They are telling their parents that look pulses prices are about to touch the sky, so it is better to eat chicken instead of Dal. They argue chicken has protein, so does dal. But for vegetarians it seems a cuss. Some people eat vegetarian diet because of religious belief, some renounce non- veg food for being a PETA lover. PETA is a organization which stands  for animal rights. ‘People for Ethical Treatment to Animals’ is the full name of PETA. Pamela Anderson is an Australian Actress. She is one of the strong supporter of the organization.  If you want to know more about her than you can take help of Google. I could not write much more about her in this column. The main concern is that what will vegetarians eat? Their important food is Dal. Dal with Rice or Roti with Dal.

People are forced to eat potato curry as an alternative of Dal. Cauliflower, Cheese etc. become food of vegans. Those who eats pulse figure out as rich person. Earlier Dal eaters counted as poor, but time has changedand that they are promoted to affluent class. In the past, poor in their feast used to offer dal but time will come chicken will take the place of Dal. People will talk each other that he or she is a miser who has given Chicken in the feast. Day will come in front of Dal pot people will line up to take it on their plate in a feast. People will take breath proudly that those who have given Dal as an item in the feast.

Finally Acche din come for Tur dal as it has joined the league of scoring double century in one day matches along with fellow Indians Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Rohit Sharma. What a great honor! A stuff of poor men is standing at the highest level in front of you today. This is strength of democracy.

By Sanjay K Bissoyi

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