What are the Core Buddhist teachings about and who protests against the Dalai Lama?

Goodness me, at last there are Anti Dalai Lama protesters who make themselves heard as we are talking about it. It is not so much about who they are. There should be someone or a group with another view.
The Dalai Lama could not have wished for anything better. His Holiness wants to be heard about his points of view too for many years. Now there is a group ask him look at us, it is time for change. Address your view as it was and how to apply it in today’s world. The democratic process of change by evolution to serve all. It is a must to His Holiness to do something.
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Dalai Lama and Buddhism

He needs time and time should be given time to deal with it. Just like he gives time to others. It is a man of inner peace he cannot allow to break his own heart and we should not demand he does, as one of the very few, a man of peace in a world at war. Both parties opposing or not also
can calm their mind and keep their mind calm. Become aware first of all that you are whole. Each person is complete as he is. One part of us is impermanent as we know it and our other part is permanent.
The night make the day. Without a day there is no night. Our impermanence exists because of our permanence. If we become aware both are you, than what is the problem. All we have is the moment forever. Past every life and death. Enjoy it, it is yours. When we become aware of
ourselves to be complete right now, what is the problem. His Holiness and any other view point are mend to blend on terms and conditions they both will find in the end. There is no other way of a long term happiness for both, likewise the problems His Holiness faces in his wishes.
By Ferry
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