With every passing year, an year ups in the count of India’s independent years. 2015 upped the count to 68, but ‘Dalits’ are yet ruled and killedd by elites

Development India is running for doesn’t take into account the safety for women and Dalits. For when last time, in your knowledge, do you remember to have read newspaper free of headlines announcing one more rape and a dalit-murder? Do you? Nah! Unfortunate, but this is the harrowing and veracious truth about India. No matter however hardline fan of Modi you may be, but Modi govt. has fell flat to curb down these issues.

mahadalits Because Dalits They Were. Who cares For Their Death?

Dalits since colonial days of India have been deplorably shunned by the so-called society for elites. Cornered away in the periphery of the aristocrat society, these Dalits, since pre-independence are yearning for their uplift, but despite the culmination of 68 years of independence, this (Dalits) section of the society could never breathe in the air of independence.


In toto, news these days only accounts to beef, rapes and Dalits. And when I say Dalits, unfortunateness not even spares a crawling baby. It’s appalling to learn of the fact that a duo,one, two years old and another, nine months old were brazenly burnt to death by the upper-caste Rajputs. Alongside, burnt were their parents too, but fortunate enough to have kept death-bed at bay. As reported, its decade-old rivalry between the Dalit family and Rajput family which metamorphosed into such a deadly mishap. Withal, the police security was also aided to the Dalit family to insulate them from the hazardous vengeance of Rajputs, but security could do nothing but come to nought.

police beat dalit girl Because Dalits They Were. Who cares For Their Death?

The mourning of this one family was not yet over even when merely two days after, another 14-year- old ‘Dalit’ boy was tortured to death for very-petty-issue to meet death. Yes, the boy was reportedly convicted for pigeon-theft which led him to severe hounding by the cops. Ultimately, he too couldn’t elude away from his death.

dalits misery Because Dalits They Were. Who cares For Their Death?

Because I do not have crystal-clear acknowledgement regarding both these cases, I can’t comment on how wrong were the ‘Dalits’ or how ‘right’ were the ‘elites’. But, the devout pain screaming aloud within my heart begs  my mind asking,’were they (Dalits) this crooked to be penalized with death’; ‘were they not a part of a law-governed India to be punished by the court and not the domineering upper-caste; were they……………… , and the exasperated  soul kept on asking and my mind disabled to answer any.

Can justice ever kiss the lives of this oppressed section of the society? Are the Indian cops anointed to shield upper-caste and torment lower-caste? How long would be a Dalit’s fate an elite’s doggedness? And none can unfold the why, how, and when associated with the Dalit’s ill-fate.

By Prerna Daga

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