Have we mistaken the meaning of democracy? Democracy doesn’t mean that if you don’t dance to the government tune you are a threat to nation and society.

A society Can Never be safe if it does not show that it can bear discussion. If you want to govern you must have to arm yourself with the power which knowledge gives.

`It becomes important when it comes to dealing with democratic society and democratic institution. Governance today is a multidimensional exercise, where we need not only to elect the government but also to stand with it so that it can function in desired manner. It doesn’t mean that by standing with government one is surrendering his/her loyalty to the government and becoming its subject. A democratic government is nothing without demos backup.
There is a saying that “absence of beauty doesn’t mean the presence of ugliness”.

ravish kumar Dance to My Tune

Your backup to the government may show your honesty and duty-boundedness towards government, but it doesn’t mean that if you don’t dance to the government tune you are a threat to nation and society. One who pays for the piper may call for the tune, but can’t force anyone to dance on the same tune. Like supporting government, Criticizing government is an another aspect of multidimensional democratic governance. So let the critics criticize because they are not ugly if not beautiful like supporters. Without muddling through these mug-pot words I would like be straight forward.

One of the well known news anchors Ravish Kumar (picture above) left social network activity. As he was fed-up with all the mischievous comments and threats that he received for his writing. As he was not dancing to the tune on which a majority want him to dance. Those who abuse him asserts that he is propagating against the particular ideology of the day and trying to misled. Just for a while imagine that all the supporters are right, but can they justify it, how a single man can denounce the ideology. If the ideology is backed by such a huge majority. And if he really succeeds in doing so then it simply means that the ideology of the day is not functioning in a desired manner. One thing must be noted here is that it is not the ideology itself which abuse anyone, it’s we the followers having different opinions making him a soft target to sabotage him/her in order to show own loyalty.

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And please don’t you think that it is all about only Ravish and some people like him, in day to day life we experience that going contrary to the words of majority seen as sin in our society. Be it about politics, women, education, culture or anything else. Any how if your words are getting sidelined only because you are not dancing on desired tune, the democracy and demos will be no more from that very moment. I am not saying that Ravish is always right. He too is a part of today’s media and we all know how honest and what media today is?

Despite all the flaws there must be a room for divergent opinion. This is what democracy and media mean. The very moment you are getting abusive by your words simply mean you are lacking logic. And so what if someone is critical to your ideology, if a single person can dare to denounce your ideology can’t the majority denounce him by logic and if not then sorry to say he is right and it is we who deserve to abuse, not he and his family.

Thanks. And I stand by him not because of being his supporter but because I don’t want to be abolished, as if a celebrity like him can be abused and compelled to take such step in such a manner then just imagine the situation of common man having different opinion.

By Diwakar Jha

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