Aram Banu Begum is not the only daughter of Mughal Emperor Akbar. There were others too. Know the names & details of each daughter…

Mughal Emperor Akbar’s sons – Salim, Murad, and Daniyal are known to the world. But, Akbar, besides having three surviving sons had daughters too. While the Jodha Akbar serial only highlights his youngest daughter, little and cute Aram Banu, here we focus on Aram Banu’s elder sister as well.

aram banu jodha akbar Know the Daughters of Mughal Emperor Akbar

Here, know the details of Akbar’s daughters from various wives.

Khannum Sultan ~ The Eldest Daughter of Akbar

According to the Timurid Dynasty Genealogy, Khannum Sultan was born to Salima Begum on 21st November 1569. This makes her younger to Salim but elder to Murad. Yes, just 7 months later was born Murad to Salima Begum again! Though some people believe that all the three children were born to Jodha, the genealogy clearly states that Murad and Khannum were Salima Begum’s children.

tomb of akbar Know the Daughters of Mughal Emperor Akbar

She was married to Muzaffar Hussain Mirza (son of Shahzadi Gul Rukh Begum and Ibrahim Hussain Mirza) Shahzadi Gul Rukh Begum was Akbar’s cousin (Kamran Mirza’s daughter). She is buried at Bihishtabad Sikandara near Agra.

Shahzadi Meeti Begum and Mahi Begum

Both these daughters of Akbar were born in 1571 to Akbar’s wives or maybe concubine. The mothers of these two daughters are not known. These two daughters didn’t survive for long. While Meeti Begum died at eight months, Mahi died after 6 years in Fatehpur Sikri.

Shahzadi Shakir un-nisa Begum

The exact year of her birth is not known but she was born after 1572 to Akbar’s wife Bibi Daulat Shad. She was married to Shahrukh Mirza in the year 1593 at Lahore. Her marriage took place on the same day as that of Khannum Sultan. Shahrukh Mirza was Ibrahim Mirza’s second son from his second wife Muhtarima Khanum. Shakir un-nisa died in 1653 while traveling from Akbarabad to Delhi. She was buried at the same place as that of Khannum Sultan – Bihishtabad Sikandara near Agra.

jahangir salim jodha akbar crown prince Know the Daughters of Mughal Emperor Akbar

It is highly assumed that she was born and brought up under the close observation of Akbar. She was also one of the women in Mughal Harem who asked pardon from Akbar for Salim, her brother.

Aram Banu Begum ~ The Youngest Daughter of Akbar

Born on 22nd December, 1584, Aram Banu Begum was the youngest daughter of Akbar from his wife Bibi Daulat Shad (Some assume she was born to Jodha, making one wonder whose child she really was!) . Nevertheless, She was born when Akbar was 42. She was Akbar’s beloved daughter and so he called her Ladli. That is why, she is also called as Ladli Begum. Not to be confused with Nur Jahan’s daughter Ladli Begum from her first husband, Sher Afghan. It is said that she lived through Jahangir’s reign and died as a spinster. Yes, she did not marry at all. She died after Jahangir died.

aram banu akbar daughter Know the Daughters of Mughal Emperor Akbar

These daughters are recorded in the documents.

The info has been taken from Timurid Genealogy

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