Getting Things Done (GTD) is a time-management method to increase productivity by David Allen, also known as the Czar of Productivity. What does this unique method entail and how can it fix India's problems?

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything ” ~ David Allen

David Allen What is David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)?

The modern trend is to be overwhelmed by almost everything that comes in our way. However, David Allen, the prominent productivity consultant with his system for ‘mastering workflow’ can teach us how to stop stewing and start executing. His book on time management, Getting Things Done (GTD) is a corporate manager’s guide to adapt stress free productivity challenges in this information age. Perhaps some of you might have heard about it through the Global Inter web or might have been confronted by someone who swears by David Allen’s principle of GTD. In India, where managers, especially from Government offices complain about lack of time to complete a task or project, this system can bring a lot of change.  Yes, that means maximum amount of work, less stress and thereby no fights, no suicides but a happy-blissful professional as well as personal life.

What is GTD?

Your Mind is a great place to create thoughts but lousy place to store them.” ~ David Allen


Getting Things Done is a system of productivity and time management given by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity. It is a system for managing and organizing your projects and tasks methodically so that you can focus on finishing your tasks completely without being stressed or affected by avalanche tasks. Behind the principle of GTD lies the fact that – if you store your tasks in a trustworthy mode by using a technique that you trust, you will then, liberate your mind and set it free from remembering things. This free, unburdened and energetic mind will help you to become efficient and more productive in carrying out both your personal and professional task successfully.

Why is GTD so popular and why does it get a thumbs up?

It is complete

Easy yet influential, Getting Things Done is a simple task manager that helps to create, organize and manage “to do list” perfectly. In addition, it assist one to focus on what’s important for today and help them to keep everything aside that might cause obstruction in their work and thereby productivity.


A complete solution, it not only helps to arrange projects and tasks in one’s professional life but also every day jobs and homely duties in their personal life. From making a list of daily office routine to arranging for the painter to paint your home, it will straighten your life effortlessly.

It helps one to stay organized

The basic principle of GTD helps all its users to keep their desk and inbox clean. Also, there is a place for everything where they can easily store and retrieve information within seconds. People using GTD have witnessed that even if their list is longer than before, they are not only well organized but also more productive.

It is flexible

Geeks love tweaking and playing with their tools.  So, whether a user is into Gmail, PDA, Moleskines, Backpack, One Note, Hipster PDA or any other type of tools, GTD can easily adapt itself as per the user’s preference.

It is a memory booster

David Allen’s system helps its users to make and keep their commitments. It never allows them to forget anything as it bestows you with a system for tracking and recording all your commitments with all the 6 vital aspects – project, purpose, goal, vision, action and area of focus. This also means, no more forgetting your wedding anniversary or mother-in-law’s birthday!


A powerful system, GTD or Getting Things Done not only helps you in completing your task in a proficient manner but also relieve your work stress that might hamper your productivity. Formulated in 2001, at present, the system is being practiced across the globe by everyone from engineers to senior managers. It has been adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies counting Google. Just thinking, what will the achievement in India with respect to economy, if the managers and officers sitting in Government offices are provided with such a system?

Overseas, GTD is one of the most pivotal systems adapted for maximum productivity, let’s see how much time India takes to adapt it and eventually get rid of the patented dialogue – “Sir, Time nahi mila!”

By Deepti Verma

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