With Prime Minister Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval at the steering of India’s security, the time is right for striking back at Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is perhaps the most dreaded mafia boss in the world. A native of Mumbai, he is responsible for countless deaths in Mumbai through terrorist activities. He is the most wanted man in India and has been declared as a global terrorist by the United States. For the past two decades Dawood Ibrahim has been at war with India and its people. He operates from Pakistan under the protection of the infamous ISI of Pakistan. He has firmly established himself in Pakistani underworld after shifting his base of operations to Pakistan from the U.A.E.

dawood ibrahim Dawood Ibrahim Vs India

With the active support of the Pakistani establishment he has been instrumental in conducting terrorist activities in India. He is the mastermind behind the 1993 bombings in Mumbai and according to the intelligence sources he has also offered logistical and financial support to the Terrorists in the 2008 Mumbai Attack. His illegal ‘business’ involves drug trafficking, human trafficking , real estate, betting and  investing in bollywood movies .The estimated worth of his businesses and properties is $ 6.7 billion. Born into a lower middle class family of a police constable, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar has risen on the back of his unabashed ambition for wealth and power, to become the most powerful mafia don in South Asia and the most wanted criminal in India.

From Dongri to Dubai

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra into a Konkani Muslim Family. His father was a Police Constable and settled in Mumbai at Dongri. Dawood started showing criminal tendencies at an early juvenile age. He started his own amateur petty gang in Dongri and later joined Haji Mastan and quickly Rose the hierarchy in Mumbai Underworld.In the mafia war between Haji Mastan and the Pathan gang, Dawood’s elder brother was killed. Dawood in his rage for revenge managed to kill many goons affiliated with the Pathan gang. Dawood’s ruthlessness was chillingly efficient. Dawood took the place of Haji Mastan after Mastan’s entry into Politics.

pathan gang Dawood Ibrahim Vs India

Dawood soon became the undisputed don of the Mumbai underworld and his illegal business ranged from Drug trafficking to financing bollywood Movies. Like a Master Puppeteer he manipulated every Mumbai underworld dealings and events. From the shootout at Wadala to shootout at Lokhandwala, Dawood was always involved behind the scenes in different roles. The Streets of Mumbai wereplagued with gang wars and public shootings.

It was the arrival  late Gopinath Munde, who was instrumental in taking a firm action against the underworld, as the home Minister of Maharashtra during 1995 that Dawood fled to Dubai to avoid encounter with the newly empowered  Police. He shifted his base to Dubai and ruled Mumbai underworld through his subordinates and contacts.

Terror Don

It was the riots of 1992 that made Dawood Communal and Anti India at the core. He started using his vast resources and network to take revenge on what he perceived as Hindu India. The result was the 1993 Bombay Blast in which more than 250 persons were killed including Muslims. This incident created rift in the D company along communal lines.

dawood chotta rajjan Dawood Ibrahim Vs India

Chota Rajan , a lieutenant of Dawood, broke off from the D-company and started his own gang to avenge the Bomb blasts. Rajan and his gang killed 12 of the accused in the Bombay blast case. Many high ranking Hindu Mobsters in D-Company also joined Chota Rajan thereby reducing the prowess of Dawood significantly. Whereas Rajan received help from the Indian security agencies, Dawood continues to enjoy full support of the ISI. The war still rages on.

Dawood ~ An Asset to the ISI

Dawood fled to Pakistan after India entered in to an extradition treaty with the U.A.E. He found an all weather friend in ISI which was too happy to use Dawood’s link and network for their anti-Indian activities. Dawood found his second Mumbai in Karachi, a port city, from which he controlled his fledging crime empire. More over the nexus between the various Terrorist organisations like Laskar E Toiba, Haqqani Network and the ISI gave Dawood a readymade network for trafficking opium and related drugs from Afghanistan and to other parts of the world. Drugs smuggled by D-company are trafficked as far as Africa and Europe.

Underworld don 39896 Dawood Ibrahim Vs India

Recently Dawood’s ties with Boko Haram has also surfaced which suggests that Dawood lends financial help to this African Islamic Extremist Terrorist organisation in return for kidnapped women, which is an essential commodity in Dawood’s ever increasing human trafficking business. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar has become an important link between various terrorist organisations ranging from the Laskar e Toiba to Boko haram.

The ISI saw Dawood as an invaluable source of contacts, finance and hawala and logistical networks through which it can conduct anti Indian Terrorist activities in a far efficient manner. The Train bombings in Mumbai and the 2008 mumbai attacks bore strong signature marks of Dawood. His contacts in Mumbai and India offer highly sought after intelligence to the ISI. Dawood and his D company has become an asset in the eyes of the ISI and Dawood lives a lavish life under the protection and patronage of the Pakistani state establishment.

Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval – A cause for Hope

After the coming of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister if there is one criminal who is scared then it is Dawood. According to Intelligence sources, Dawood has hidden himself in an remote location near the Afghan Border as soon as Modi took charge as the PM of India. Modi is seen as a go getter and a strong anti terrorist nationalist in Pakistan and as a precaution, Pakistan ISI might have moved him to a more secure location after learning from their Osama experiences.

If the arrival of Modi has frightened Dawood then the appointment of Ajit Doval as the national security adviser has just accentuated that fear. Ajit Dowal is seen as a Anti-Terrorist expert with loads of operational experiences. Ajit Doval was the man who disguised as a Rickshaw puller infiltrated the Khalistani terrorist inside the Golden Temple. His inputs from inside the Temple helped the security forces in planning their assault and diminishing civilian casualties as well as further damage to the holy structure. For this act of bravery Ajit Doval had been awarded the Kirti Chakra, the first and only time it was awarded to a personal from Indian Police.

ajit doval dawood Dawood Ibrahim Vs India

His exploits doesn’t end there but in Mizoram during the Laldenga insurgency, he was instrumental in winning over the 6 of the 7 generals of Laldenga to the Government side. It is said that Laldenga couldn’t trust his own generals and in panic sued for peace. This resulted in lasting peace in Mizoram which is otherwise elusive in many other North eastern states.

Ajit Doval is credited in winning the support of Kuka Parray , a separatist terrorist in Kashmir. Kuka Parray surrendered to the Indian forces and formed his own Anti-insurgency armed group which started killing terrorists sent from Pakistan. This resulted in severe decline of the Pakistan sponsored insurgency in Kashmir. He is also known to have worked undercover as an Indian agent in Pakistan for 6 years. He went on to become the chief of Intelligence Bureau.

A man with such reputation is enough to cause panic among the Terrorists leaders and ISI handlers in Pakistan. This panic has resulted in extra security for Dawood and as some report suggests, he was shifted to more secure location Close to Afghanistan to keep him out of reach of Indian agents.

It is time to Strike Back

Dawood continues to threaten India from his hideout in Pakistan. D company continues to operate almost unhindered in Mumbai and their existing structure and network has been repeatedly used by Anti-India terror elements in Pakistan. Dawood’s business is flourishing with even increasing ties with various dreaded terrorist organisations. Despite two decades of failure in bringing Dawood to India to face trial for his heinous crimes, there is a glimmer of hope with Mr. Ajit Doval at the helm of security affairs in the country and the proactive stance of PM Modi in security and international affairs.

modi dawood india Dawood Ibrahim Vs India

The task of bringing Dawood back to India might seem impossible due to unconditional support of the Pakistani establishment to Dawood but the possibility of neutralizing Dawood should not be discarded. Indian agencies have more than enough capabilities to bring Dawood to justice if not to India but what India has been lacking all these years is strong political will and a strong leader who can live up to the expectation and play the game of brinkmanship with Pakistan. With the arrival of Modi that has changed. Modi after becoming the pm has drawn many red lines in relation to Pakistan and gave a fitting reply to Pakistan ceasefire violations.

Furthermore Modi has been engaging with the U.S and China in a positive manner and have isolated Pakistan in the international forums to a great extent. No wonder Pakistan’s repeated attempt at raising the Kashmir issue on international forums fell on deaf ears. Modi, a hardcore nationalist, is expected to take up the matter of Dawood as a key issue relating to the security of our country.

With Prime Minister Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval at the steering of India’s security, the time is ripe for striking back at Dawood. It is time we take him down. It is time we strike back.

By: Avinandan Choudhury


The Book Dongri to Dubai by S. Hussain Zaidi
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