My comment thus is caustic only if it is taken out of context, only to the ignorant or the perfidious

Dear Editor, India opines,

You seem to have deleted my comment on the write-up, IS INDIA FOR SALE, by Mr. Balamurali Balaji.  I do admit that it is too forthright to comfort. But that is the stark reality facing this country.  The West collectively traps individuals and force internalization of servility towards it. Without it one cannot survive either in the West nor in one’s native country. And the more you espouse Western interests, the more you are rewarded. That is why, for example, Nobel awards, particularly in science, go only to those who are fully integrated with the Western interests. That is the reason why the Western-educated often speak against this country’s ethos, defend vociferously when Western interest are spoken against. Not only this, entire professional groups partake of such attitudes. Thus, the basic reason for INDIA’S SALE is to be found in such attitudinal change consciously imposed by the West in the name of Cultural Cooperation programs and economic and other contacts. Notice also that Indian government hardly intervenes when lay Indians are inhumanly harassed (obviously in view of imposing Anthropological conversions) by West’s State agencies as is the case with the recent Oregon couple in the US.

My comment thus is caustic only if it is taken out of context, only to the ignorant or the perfidious. The point however is unless we, as professional groups, as citizens of this country, deal with it and refuse to downgrade our sovereignty, there is no way India could make real progress unless you define progress in material terms and limited sovereignty and lay country’s pride at the feet of others. So try to understand that there is a national cause involved in my criticizing and exposing the West as I myself had gone through such an experience which helped me to gain insight into the fundamental and evil (I could have said, amoral) character of the West. Thus, by expunging my comments, which probably are not read by many, you are simply doing a great disservice to the country. For whatever may be their choice, people should at least be aware of how things are!  I have not forgotten that you are allowing publication of my submissions even when they do not exactly appease the West and its Indian followers.

Thank you,
Dr. Codadu Pratap
September 16, 2015.

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