A mere melanin can’t decide your persona. But Indians have taken it to be as of paramount importance underestimating their blackness.

My Indian brothers and sisters are finally waking up. Praise God. Reclaim your history to reclaim your MEMORY! Screw brainwashed Indians and white people who pressure brown people to always back pedal while praising their melanin.
“Don’t be too proud. You don’t want to hurt the feelings of light/white skinned Indians.”
“Black is beautiful!” Wait please clarify. Do you hate white people?
Do you notice these minds games? Recognize the subtle manipulative tactics at work. How is reclaiming MY BEAUTY an insult to you? How is affirming MYSELF a threat to you??? What does this have to do with YOU??? Perhaps because YOU are a threat. Perhaps because you can’t feel secure while I feel whole.
black white Dear Indians, Black Is Beautiful
As if Indians need to “reserve” space for some phantom white Indians” that never existed. Stop defending an illusion. Stop marginalizing yourself. Stop being apologetic for dark Indian beauty. This is YOUR NATION! YOUR RACE! Claim it! Stop defending an illusion. Had it not been for Bollywood, most people wouldn’t know white-skinned Indians exist! So overlooking them while praising brown skin wouldn’t matter. Because they’re negligible.WHAT are you apologizing for?!?!?
black white couple Dear Indians, Black Is BeautifulAfricans the greatest variety of skin tones and have all the colors of world (cause the world is brown). There’s white-skinned Africans too (albinos) and full-blooded light skinned Africans, yet you don’t hear (most) black people neutralize the fact that the African race is dark. You don’t see proud black people backpedaling while stating “Black is beautiful” by adding “…and of course we mean no harm to light skinned Africans.” You don’t see it. So don’t YOU do it.
By Topaz
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