The BJP of late, has been very elated about the fact that the International Investment community has been predicting a Modi wave in 2014 elections

In this era of consistent electronic and print media glare coupled with Social media updates, it is not only imperative but also very important for you to be on guard always –  walk the talk and take on the opposition with a more open mind. Prove time and again to the people of the country that your intentions are clear, reassure them often and stay clear of any controversy or controversial people. 

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The BJP of late, has been very elated  of the fact that the International Investment and brokerage companies have been predicting a Modi wave in 2014 elections. Some of the highly respected companies like Goldman, CLSA and Nomura have come up with their own facts and analysis viz. the current political instability, GDP, inflation pressures among others  which can be an opportunity  for the BJP to  head towards a landslide victory and  catapult Modi to the top post.  Apart from these, Modi Ji is also leading the online poll for the ‘Times Person of the Year Award’ constituted by the Times Magazine which again is an indicator of the growing popularity of Modi. In fact, Modi Ji is the only Political Leader of India who is in the fray along with some famous names world over.

Narendra Modi Addressing A Rally In Jammu Dear Modi Ji

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addresses during a public rally at M A Stadium in Jammu on Dec.1, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Sample these:

  • India is ranked 134th amongst 189 countries in World Bank’s Doing Business 2014 report
  • India fares equally bad in other major aspects like  enforcing contracts, starting a business and paying taxes  and is placed in the rock bottom
  • Just to quote an example, steel giant Alcelor Mittal could not go further with their plans to invest in india a mighty sum of around 60,000 crores due to  land and iron ore allotment issues
  • The Ministers and the bureaucrats are hesitant to take any concrete decision due to the cache of scams that are unearthed and are being unearthed often these days
  • Leading Indian business houses are under the radar now by the government which has made the business atmosphere extremely volatile

So with this kind of a situation, it is imperative for a Change that is for good and can atleast improve the country’s worsening situation a tad better. The next government, whoever comes to power cannot change everything in a short span of time unless it has a magic wand.  It is really not logical to think that we will see a great reformed India after the elections of 2014 but sincere efforts can be made with a dedicated government and a team of honest ministers who are prompt, understands the country’s economy, the burning issues, be a commoner, willing to learn and act and provide some respite.

The people of India are looking forward for the all the above and many believe that Modi can be the Change Agent for them if all the pre poll surveys are to be believed and the big crowd that is seen in his meetings.

This brings more pressure on Modi and he is constantly watched for his actions and speeches.  His political rivals are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that he is put in a spot that can land him in trouble as much as possible and this is considered fair only in the Political games and the run up to the elections.

Modi Ji should  carefully analyze the statements of his opponents and the various accusations in a fair manner and cannot afford to just pooh-pooh them or remain silent and leave the party’s spokespersons to defend him in the TV channels.  Of course, all the accusations hurled at him may not be genuine and are more election time gimmicks but he should atleast address and provide explanations to the ones that really matters and act accordingly which will reassure the people and the nation of his intentions and actions.

The recent instances that one will remember is the felicitation of two BJP MLAs accused of inciting riots in the recent communal clashes of Muzzafarnagar done before he was to address a huge gathering in Agra.  This has given enough ammunition for the opposition parties to label Modi Ji as a communal leader who cannot change his Hindutva attitude though he has not associated himself with the event nor spoke anything about it later. The opposition is right in targeting him in this, Modi should have come up with a statement condemning the felicitation at the venue or should have stopped the felicitation itself,  he did neither of this which makes him vulnerable again.

The other one, the snooping case which again created headlines and has caused much embarrassment to the Modi government. The silence of both Amit Shah and Modi Ji has only aggravated the situation making it feel that he is completely cornered  by this episode. Various TV channels are covering this issue day in and day out and opposition leaders are gunning for his resignation.  Though the BJP offers the explanation that it was done at the request of the father of the girl involved in  Snooping case episode, questions are being asked on the authorisation for such tracking and  tailing and the violation of Indian Telegraph Act and the Supreme Court guidelines.  Now, bowing to the increased pressure, the Gujrat Government has set up a two member committee to probe the whole episode but this move has already received flak by the opposition. Instead, there should have been arrangements for a more acceptable committee, may be a sitting SC judge,  which could have been more apt and also people and the opposition would have more trust.

These kinds of instances will only harm his image and may boomerang his PM ambitions.

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