How frightening it is for Indian democracy to witness these ‘ISIS – like’ Desh Bhagats Bajrang Dal workers training with rifles, swords and lathis!

And they are back with their old tricks. Assembly elections that once used to be the festival of democracy, a carnival of federalism and celebration of secularism and plurality are turning out to be the nightmares. Like Gujarat, like Assam and Muzaffarnagar, we can see now the obscurantist, divisive, cruel and communal forces again reemerging with full force under the aegis and auspices of Central government run by RSS and UP State government run by SP.

As shown by media, the Bajrang Dal is organising a training camp in which its workers are trained to use arms and other weapons in the guise of ‘self defense.’ They have chosen the first sensitive place – Ayodhya. How frightening for Indian democracy to witness these ‘ISIS – like’ Desh Bhagats Bajrang Dal workers training with rifles, swords and lathis. According to a report in The Times of India, the Bajrang Dal, which is the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parisha (VHP), has planned similar training camps across Uttar Pradesh. Similar camps would be held till June 5 in Sultanpur, Gorakhpur, Pilibhit, Noida and Fatehpur. The report said that the Dal’s main objective behind organising the camp was to train its activists so they can ‘protect Hindus from non-brothers’ when needed.

bajrangdal Dear Prime Minister! Ban The Bajrang Dal Now

Make no mistake. It is the prelude of coming assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. The next issue that is going to boil the social and political cauldron is to raise the highly sensitive Ram temple issue. The old trick of BJP would follow the similar script. While the Prime Minister, Home Minister and other top ranks would keep talking about ‘Samvidan Ki Raksha’ and ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ the middle rankers of BJP like Subramanian Swamy, Yogi Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj and others would be let lose to do the dirty job of political rabble rousing. The purpose would be served with the clandestine moral support and the sure well tried recipe of polarization would be played in the best possible confusion.

Swamy had already said that he was hopeful of a ‘positive’ verdict (Babri Masjid Dispute) from the Supreme Court in the matter. “We’ll wait for the Supreme Court’s verdict. I am confident that the apex court will give a favourable judgment. And if it happens, by the end of the year, construction of a Ram Temple will begin with mutual consent.”

According to BJP’s Uttar Pradesh in-charge, Keshav Prasad Maurya, who once took active part in VHP’s Ram temple agitation, had said that Ram temple issue was a “matter of faith for his party.”

Babri Masjid Dear Prime Minister! Ban The Bajrang Dal Now

The nation is exposed to the euphoria of changing of names. The RSS cadre is testing the grounds every other day. It has nothing to do with the plight of suffering masses of country. This is a show of artificial obsession and passion for those who are imposing the MAJORITISM upon a secular democratic country. The poor masses are facing drought, farmers are committing suicides, there had been no hint of new employment and the militancy in every form is on the rise in Naxal effected areas and Kashmir. The trick of ruling party is to focus on non-issues and detract the attention of the nation from infrastructure  deficiencies, environmental problems, environmental shortfalls, failure to give the economy a suitable direction, a dismal foreign policy where most of the neighbors are slipping from the wings. Black Money issue is no longer serious as the smiles of Baba Ramdev reveals it all.

The inordinate amount of time is being squandered about chanting of ‘Ohm,’ renaming of towns and streets and the horrible display of violent culture where the Muslims with skull caps and beards are shown as anti-nationals, and Bajrang Dal, according to the picture. is going to shoot them. A lady in Merrut is giving training to use the swords and other weapons to small kids and Hindus of all ages in name of fighting ISIS.

bajrang dal training camps Dear Prime Minister! Ban The Bajrang Dal Now

Strange is to watch that Mulayam Singh’s Sarkar is conniving against all these nefarious developments. It has, it seems, already concluded that its poor administrative records are not going to be conducive for victory in next assembly election. Kumari Mayavati, as most the political pundits predict, is going to sweep the board. The best way to turn the tide is to go with RSS. If it is not true than why no action has been taken against these Hindu Fundamentalists who are spreading venom and hate?? These perpetrators of anarchy are no different from Muslim Fundamentalists that are creating havoc across the globe. Both of these are anti-national Desh Drohi and the people in power should understand the futility of their agendas. I’m sure my majority of my Hindu Brothers are also observing these developments with discretion. They also don’t want our beloved country to go the Pakistan Way!

ByNaim Naqvi

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