Stop the loot at Air India

Will you please stop the loot of Air India which is bleeding because of corrupt and incompetent Management? 

Now they have introduced Freebies to top ex  and present seniors, unlimited Free tickets to their  ALL family members? It is outrageous when Air India has been incurring loses for years. Public funds are being looted by top Directors who are no less than criminals looting this country and let go free by UPA leaders.

air india 14 Dear Prime Minister   Stop The Loot at Air India

And Ex Director Mr Bhargava on the News hour debate says, it is nothing new, it is a practice all over the world?

How shameless  these Directors can be? They changed the rule to include all family members for unlimited FREE Air tickets to their retired ex and present employees, their spouses, sons, daughters, daughter-in laws. son-in-laws their children and may be grand children and great grand-grand children???

What loot? And Mr Bhargava thinks there is nothing wrong? When Air India is in huge losses and can not pay salaries to their crew members, employees for months, how on the earth can these FREEBIES be enjoyed by these ‘charlies’?

What is going on ? Air India has been looted from the time Praful Patel the Ex Aviation Minister was conducting this public sector airlines . And for years Maharajah is left to BLEED shamelessly by the corrupt handlers of Air India who are none other than the Ministers, bureaucrats   and seniors, managing the show in their own interest.  At whose cost these FREEBIES are enjoyed? UPA government had provided to Praful Patel additional funding not once but two to three times in thousands of crores on Patel´s  assurances that the sick airline can be revived if more funds are pumped in. But what was the ultimate result? It is our money. Public money. that is being swindled. Air India and many government projects are nothing but huge scams where people running these organizations are looting public funds.

These shameless Directors of Air India and Indian Airlines whoever are managing the show must be made accountable and booked for their loot.

Dear Prime Minister… STOP this LOOT of public money. It is a loss making public venture in crores. Just close down AIR India that is only existing for the loot by few corrupt politicians and top directors.

You will be saving crores of public funds going into the pockets of some scamsters. It is the money that belongs to people of India. And you said… You will be the custodian of our money. Our “Choukidaar” and will not allow any loot

Aagar Aap Chaukidaar Hai… toh…Stop this loot at once. .

By Ajay Angre

Image Source : Air India

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