A poem to PM Modi for women’s rights.

Respected P.M. of our country,

Pradhan Sevak of the gentry,

Saviour of our daughters

Our Weavers and our Potters

Enemy of trash

And hoarders of cash,

Defender of Dharma

From Australia to Burma,

Rescuer of our culture

From the liberal, secular vulture,

Friend of the N.R.I,

Approver of the F.D.I,

Exponent of Yoga

As a cure for every roga

Leader of the world,

Driver of a herd,

Deserver of our vote,

 Please take note

My vote was for peace,

For hatred to cease.

I voted for my dignity

Respect and Liberty

Freedom to think

To swim or to sink.

To wear a skirt,

A veil or a shirt,

Dance to a song,

Or just sing along

To be born, exist,

To push and persist

That it is my right

To catch a cab at night.


By Sarita Talwai

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