Hindu? Muslim? Nepalese? Death doesn’t knock asking your religion. For people died in Mecca as well as Nepal.

I was just watching a scene on TV where a murder has been captured on mobile camera. That is not what surprised me. What did make me sit up and think was the way this foul murder was committed.
The scene was that of Ganesh Visarjan and a group of people was shown carrying a statue of Ganpati Bappa to the river. Even as the devout followers were putting the statue in the water, a side show reveals that another gang is using the occasion to drown a man in the same water.
That was really an eye opener.
Coming in the wake of two recent tragedies where hundreds of people have died in a stampede in Kumbh mela and another in Mecca for which the Muslims wait for years for their turn I started thinking whether there was a pattern n these incidents.
hajj stampede Death Is Secular
To my mind there certainly is a message, if we want to see it. Of course every time such incidents occur there are stories in newspapers proving that more people have been killed in stampedes than through terrorism or war.
This is also trending as one of the most popular topics on the social media include Facebook and Twittter.
nepal earthquake Death Is Secular

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – APRIL 25: (EDITORS NOTE: Image contains graphic content.) Emergency rescue workers find a survivor in the debris of Dharara tower after it collapsed on April 25, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. More than 100 people have died as tremors hit Nepal after an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale caused buildings to collapse and avalanches to be triggered in the Himalayas. Authorities have warned that the death toll is likely to be much higher. (Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images)

But I feel every one seems to be missing the point. When the last earthquake killed hundreds of innocent people in Nepal I had written somewhere that it had shaken my faith in God. In fact that day I looked up the definition of the word agnostic because I realised that those deaths had turned me into an agnostic.
Whenever a natural tragedy occurs, like the one in Uttarakhand few years back, the arm- chair critics in TV studios start blaming human beings for creating man made disasters. But nothing like that had happened in Nepal.
 Similarly this time papers will blame the authorities for not making fool proof arrangements.
But the brute fact remains that these people died because they were fated or destined to die in that way. Their life line ended on that day and so they were snatched away whether they were Hindus, Muslims or Nepalese (they are secular now) hardly matters.
A man being drowned along with the God on Ganesh Visarjan must be one of the most disturbing scenes seen live on TV. It was not a scene from a film or the product of a director’s imagination. And it will remain etched in my mind for a long time.
By Amitabh Srivastava
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