The very essence of democracy has faded away in India after the onset of Modi rule.From Dadri lynching to Kulbargi’s assassination, democracy died every sec

India, boasting of its amicable democratic principles abroad, is rotten with communal agenda within. This schism has simmered after the election of Narendra Modi. Despite his continual struggle to persuade his party-men to maintain the secular fabric, the latter is fragmented with every Ikhlaq being buried and with every Zahid’s burning to death. His Digital India isn’t competent enough to sweep his dreadful image under the carpet and his Clean India is being implemented by RSS goons to decimate muslims. It is as if they have mis-interpreted the message of ‘Clean India from Pollution’ to ‘Clean India from Muslims’.

akhlaq killed Death of Democracy

Narendra Modi had promised at the outset to take everyone along the path of development irrespective of any religious affiliations but now it seems, the promises were hollow as is usual with every politician. A 55-year old man is lynched by a mob at Dadhri just because he ate what hindus don’t. Democracy turned into mobocracy. Hell! And when Modi, an outspoken leader, a self-proclaimed symbol against terrorism and a staunch premier is expected to order a stringent punishment against the accused, he comes up with soft political words, “unfortunate death”. By advising both the communities to make peace he, in a certain way, tried to neutralise the issue and provoked the pliable hindu youth to keep it up. This loose stance on communal terrorism reflected in the action-replay of Dadhri in Himachal Pradesh, that too, in the presence of the police.

Not Kill in Name of Religion Death of Democracy

This is high time for the frenetic elements of all religions (not only hindus but muslims too) to realise the true logic behind the idea of every religion. It is for the common good of communities and for the convenience of people. When a faith takes the life of an innocent, it ceases to be a religion. Eating or drinking a particular stuff or avoiding it are flexible choices, based on different philosophies different people follow. India is home to most of these philosophies on which different religions are based. For the peace to prevail, the co-existence of all these philosophies is necessary. Here comes the need of delimitation of Personal Law Codes from Common Civil Code and their effective implementation. The laws to halt the imposition of choices by one community (even if majority) over the other need to be enacted. We have to work on our conscience. Muslims can digest beef and non-muslims can eat pork. Both can enjoy their respective choices without interfering others.  What is it which makes them  ‘kill’ on such issues?

Modi isn’t able to silence his fanatic RSS and VHP colleagues as they have contributed to his win in the lok sabha elections and Shiv-sainiks are allies of his party in Maharashtra. Moreover, he owes a lot to RSS founder Bhagwat, as he has volunteered for this association. This is for the same reason when Panchjanya, an RSS publication comes up with the justification of Ikhlaq’s murder, he remains dumb. He definitely needs to take the class of the hardline hindu leaders in BJP like Sakshi Maharaj and Sadvi Prachi who most often exercise their mouths to offend non-hindus. The lesson is straight. Religious teachings are applicable to the community which believes in them. In no way, the teachings in Vedas be applied to a muslim or those commands stated in the holy Qur’an be imposed on non-muslims. Until the religious leaders carry on talking of the superiority of their respective religions over others, India will never attain internal peace.

sudheendra kulkarni Death of Democracy

For India to be a successful nation, with religious harmony and cultural diversity, its leaders have to delink religion from politics. It is the time for Modi and Co. to tame the fundamentalist groups supporting him directly or indirectly in lieu of his silence on their heinous acts. If their actions are not checked, the whoops in Dadhri and Kashmir will continue unabated. Everyday a Noman will be killed and a Zahid burnt. Every week, a rationalist in Kulbargi will be silenced. The cultural tourism will culminate with every ban on Pakistani artists visiting India. Every year, the intelligentsia will return the rewards.  Every minute, a holy book will be desecrated and every hour, the democracy will die a million deaths.

RIP Democracy Death of Democracy

By: Aarif Qadir

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