However, our society embraced too much of modernism but the dirty, traditional caste system still continues.Why doesn’t the community shake off this system?

Our society had willingly embraced the extreme of the modernism and contemporariness, but not the ones from the lowermost rung of the cast hierarchy (Dalits). Very often, while flipping through newspaper, my eyes are drawn towards not-so-prominent column reading ‘a dalit dies’. And every time, my rage too gets away with the folds of my newspaper. I terribly feel helpless while reading the same-old piece of news every now and again but doing zilch to see an upbeat change. But, can an ordinary man, like in movies, bring about a change for the good? May be. Or may not be.

dalits misery How Many More Deaths Would Caste Gap Bring?

The recent incident of Udumalpet (Tamil Nadu)  in which a Dalit V.Shankar was stabbed to death for violating the deep-seated, gibberish caste norms and tying knot with a girl, Kausalya, believed to be superior in the ladder of caste. It was mere eight months back when the two engineers solved the equation of their love for each other and married in defiance of the girl’s family. But damn caste couldn’t have let their love blossom anymore. Despite the fact that red blood ran through both their veins, one was ‘royal-blooded’ and another, undignified as ‘polluted’. I cringe in shame to be a part of this society where, love too has its terms and conditions and where its infringement can be as deadly as death.

dalit How Many More Deaths Would Caste Gap Bring?

No matter, however sincere, although not, may be the investigation going on, vulnerable victims like Shankar would keep dying in future too. For, need now is to shrink this unfathomable gap between the high and the low. Until recedes the gap, no matter whether the convicts are punished or not, Shankar-like death counts would keep surging up.

tirupur 2773970f How Many More Deaths Would Caste Gap Bring?

By Prerna Daga

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