Decision making is part & parcel of each of ours’ lives.But we always fail to follow our own heart & become vulnerable to others’ advice.Decision be yours’.

Before I start scribbling with all my mind, I make it transparent that not I’s bored and not because I , reclined on my couch, wanted to kill time to have fixed upon this particular topic and finger tap on my keyboard. In a way, my life, transformed and yet transforming into better, has distilled my thought process to the purest and, most importantly, independent. And so am I heading here to condense my mental makeover into an article of finite words. Hope it helps.

To decide upon some or the other thing is an inevitable and inseparable part of our daily life. Be it a trivial decision or a crucial one, both leave behind their poignant reflections in life. Many may consider hurrying while making petty decisions but end up with variant regrets. And often do people, with big decisions, move steady, which too culminates in self-disgust.

Decision Making Decision Should Be Yours’, Not Theirs’

Well, the above two types still keep you seated against the driver-seat. I mean the choice-maker is only you and your will. But, the worst I’ve encountered is the decisions stabilized against your will, i.e. decisions driven by others circumventing your life. But of course, you can seek your loved ones to enlighten you and shepherd you decide but not decide for you. Life is yours, driver is you and vision too should be yours, only yours’. For in the race of life, asphalt tracks are not rolled down for you to drive upon but it’s your potential that constructs the stretch of your life. Do you realize how accident-prone can it be to have your decision taken on somebody else’s potential? Gradient of potential differs for different individuals, right?

Decision making relies on emotion Decision Should Be Yours’, Not Theirs’

Many in your life would poke in to feed their views but it’s ultimately your choice that matters the most. Do pay heed to what others have got to say, grasp the upbeat points, reject the downbeat ones but wind up, always, the way you want. For, self-carved regrets are still better than the others-carved regret.

decision making potential Decision Should Be Yours’, Not Theirs’

By Prerna Daga

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