What is the source of the funding ISIS uses to execute its plans? Is ISIS, a backed up plot to protect Israel – Let’s decode the invisible ISIS connection

With the escalating terror in the Middle-East, the assumptions about the purpose of the ISIS are diversifying day by day. There are many speculations about the rapidly spreading pseudo-Caliphate established by the self-proclaimed Caliph Abu- Bakr al Baghdadhi. The recent revelation by the National Security Agency (NSA) leaker, Edward Snowden has strengthened the conspiracy theories suggesting the Zionist forces of Israel behind the terrorist group.

Whatever the purpose, at least it is clear that the Muslim world would be at the receiving end finally after the proceedings. According to an Iranian daily Tehran Times, ISIS is the US backed plot to destabilise the region and protect Israel. The plot, according to other sources has been code named “Beehive” or “Hornet’s Nest” which may attract the terror organisations from all around the world and centralise the extremist actions in the Middle-East.

ISIS Fighters Decoding the Invisible ISIS Connections

ISIS has become more severe and ruthless to pursue its interests since August 2013 when the more moderate Hassan Rouhani assumed the presidency of Iran. The US and Israel may be looking forward Iran to interfere by sending their troops into the ISIS controlled areas thereby sparking a region-wide tension.

The world community needs to look into the matter and try to come up with a solution—-a solution that takes into confidence the Muslim world. It is high time for the nations to realize the absolute nature and essence of the terrorism and de-link it from Islamic ideology. The invisible nexus between the high-level terrorism and Zionist Israel and Neo-Conservationist America needs to be understood for establishing the sustainable peace.

ISIS-sponsored decimation of the civilians and forcing the Christians to vacate, convert to Islam, pay jizya (including females and children) or to die, has nothing to do with Islamic principles which preach nothing but peace and communal harmony. The brutality of the group can be estimated as Al-Qaeda (of which ISIS is an offshoot) had to break the ties with it, noticing it transgressing all the restrictions. The ISIS-era is perhaps one of the worst incidents of the sectarian violence with far reaching impacts till date.

ISIS CONNECTION Decoding the Invisible ISIS Connections

There is no concrete ground to prove Israel and the US being after the ISIS but the simple logic is enough to prove it. We have seen the US derailing the Saddam regime in Iraq, Gaddaffi rule in Libya and grinding the Taliban under the invincible drones with no clemency in Afghanistan. Why don’t Americans approach the ISIS in the similar manner?

They are not in a mood to fight them out and it seems that they wish the situation to worsen further. It serves them in three ways: first, the destabilisation of the Muslim world; second, diverting a proportion of the attention of the people from the Israeli genocide in the Gaza strip of Palestine, and the third and the ultimate motive, of conquering the vast oil reserves. One more point to mull over is the strategy of America against the Islam-tagged terrorism.

Look at Aafia Siddiqui—convicted for a “nothing crime” during 2010 and sentenced to a harsh 86 year-imprisonment. Contrarily, al Baghdadhi, who was held at Camp Bucca early in 2004, was released in December 2004. May be a brainwash followed and the US started looking at him as a loyal pawn!

Though some Muslims are passionate enough about the progression of the ISIS, the thoughtful Sunni scholars like Zaid Hamid and of course some Salafis (against whom ISIS rose fundamentally) like Abu Basir al- Tartusi, say that ISIS and other related extremist groups are not the real Sunnis but the “Kharijites” who act contrarily to the doctrine of Islam.

KHARIJITES ISIS Decoding the Invisible ISIS Connections

Now, a question. What is the source of the funding ISIS uses to execute its plans? The allegations include ISIS is being funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel/US duo (as revealed by Edward Snowden). However, these allegations can’t be believed without some solid evidences. Other major sources include the regional kidnappings and extortions.

The tail sentence is that the advancement of this pseudo-Caliphate needs to be checked to prevent what can lead to a possible cold war among the Muslim nations benefiting the Zionists and Americans at the cost of innocent Muslims.

By: Aarif Qadir

Image Source: ISIS, Brutality of ISIS, Kharijites

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