Both Congress & Country should welcome the impending defeat on May 16th 2014. It is good for the country to have a change.

Both Congress & Country should welcome the impending defeat on May 16th 2014. It is good for the country to have a change – rather a drastic change at the top. It is good for Sonia to take rest & take care of her health. It is good for Rahul Gandhi to learn a lot on India and Indians and try to get married to know about the realities of a social life.

Indian National Congress Defeat on May 16th   Its Good for Congress & The Country!

It is a good opportunity for Congress to reinvent itself and re-engineer itself to return with more new blood and vigor & return with a bang . It will be a nice opportunity to bring all real congressmen to unite and jettison the unwanted ‘fleshes and bones’ like bad men and bad allies. It will be good for Congress to decide to sail it alone with new promises and directions. It will be good to rewrite the Constitution of Congress as a real participatory organization. It can find time to face the opposition in parliament and the scam cases in Courts without any political power @ the Centre. Let Congress allow the ‘old to die of its own‘. Let it attract the mentally and physically young to join Congress . Let it introspect from within and from without .Let it watch another upcoming group to rule for five to ten years

It needs a Second MKG to direct and guide Congress and reach the top.

You know that crisis only creates leaders in history. Let Congress embrace this defeat to become ‘lean ‘ and ‘mean‘. Let Congress practice ‘dieting‘ for a change with less money at their command : but only people .

For political parties is only people who are the real assets and not the financial assets. Definitely the upcoming combination @ New Delhi will give different inputs to Congress for its deeds and misdeeds. That may also be a starting point for Congress to Change. Change is the permanent thing in all walks of life. Let this impending change bring the much needed change for Congress and the Country !

Written in the interest of Congress and Country !!

By Er Ramalingam K S

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