We Indians are sore losers and we seek a scapegoat for every loss. Yuvraj Singh had to endure criticism, jokes and his house being pelted with stones for India losing the World Cup Final. Here’s a little something in defence of #YUVISTRONG12

If there is one thing we dislike intensely, it is losing; more particularly losing at cricket. Excuses ranging from poor pitches to partisan umpiring to individuals throwing matches, to fixing on a bigger scale are trotted out (even when there is no basis in fact).

For us Indian cricket fans, it’s never they played well but always we weren’t interested in winning or we weren’t trying hard enough, or were paid to lose or displayed rank incompetence or displayed poor fitness and so on and so forth. So when we lost the T 20 World Cup Final against the Sri Lankans, a scapegoat was quickly sought and found in the person of Yuvraj Singh. He is the perceived cause for the disaster and the brickbats started to rain on him before even the match was over.

The Yuvraj ‘Jokes’

I had prudently decided not to watch the match after the point where defeat seemed inevitable and had wisely curled up in bed with a good book. But the jokes and cartoons kept coming thick and fast over Whatsapp. The first one was a picture of Yuvraj Singh with the words “Man of the Match”. Suddenly, the man’s many, many previous contributions to our wins – the 2007 T 20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup are cases in point – are suddenly forgotten, and there is a vicious reaction to what was essentially a bad day at the office.

Twitter and other social media platforms simply erupted in one voice against the hapless cricketer –

Yuvraj should have got a Winner’s Medal. Match-winning knock for SL

Dear Indian team, come back but don’t forget leave Yuvraj in Bangladesh

BREAKING: A Lankan Woman cricketer proposes Yuvraj Singh

After seeing Yuvraj’s performance, Vijay Malya to his ipl managers: Isko OLX PE BECH DO

Malinga told Sangakara “Are you mad? Don’t Appeal”

New story added to school curriculum The Hare and the Yuvraj and in the end the tortoise called Yuvraj loses

yuvraj singh In Defence of Yuvraj SinghWeren’t there eleven players playing?

… On both sides? There were eleven Indians and 11 Sri Lankans responsible for the match resulting the way that it did on Sunday. Why blame only Yuvraj? Yes he batted slowly but he did so in the face of brilliant bowling by the Sri Lankans – why can be not acknowledge that they played very well? Must we heap scorn and contempt only on our players? Why must we be such sore losers? Why cannot we acknowledge that the other team simply played better on a given day?

Our typical overreaction

Did anyone bother to put themselves in Yuvraj’s shoes that evening? Can anyone imagine how horrible he himself must have felt; the disappointment and the frustration at his own performance? But rather than ponder something like that some so-called fans decided to go pelt stones at Yuvraj Singh’s home.

Indian cricket fans have a bizarre justification for having unrealistic expectations of the players – they are some of the best paid people in the country – ergo they have to play well. All the time; every time, losing is apparently not an option. Isn’t it a game? Hello! Doesn’t one team have to lose? Can we be at all realistic here?

This time around, the aggrieved ‘fans’ have trotted out another unique supposed reason for Yuvi’s debacle. It is alleged that Yuvraj had had a fight with his teammates and hence played poorly. Seriously? Would anyone in their right mind believe that a player of international repute will an illustrious career would play badly in a hugely important match out of personal pique? That a man who has enjoyed the devoted love of millions would risk not only his own stardom but also his family and property’s safety (this is not the first time that a home or family member has been attacked because fans thought a player played badly) because of something so trivial?

In support of Yuvraj Singh

There was a reaction to the overreaction of the fans too – the Tweeple, especially the celebrities came out in support of Yuvraj Singh. The most popular sentiment in favour of Yuvraj that was tweeted and retweeted was this:

We Indians are just strange, Yuvi doesn’t play well and we pelt stone at his house; a Politician doesn’t do anything for 5 years and we elect him again….

Spare a thought for @YUVSTRONG12 This is not the match he would have wanted & I bet he’s more disappointed with himself than anyone else is. (Omar Abdullah)

“Yuvi won us the World Cup, he gave us happiness when he was still having cancer. how can people forget that #Shame… (Varun Dhawan)

.. yes disappointed, but proud of our team and our boys for reaching the final, against the best teams in the world .. it was just not our day and the better team won … congratulations to Sri Lanka, who played really well .. (Amitabh Bachchan on his blog)

“Who are these idiots who are pelting stones just because we lost a game? Have we forgotten it was @YUVSTRONG12 who won us both d World Cups?” (Madhur Bhandarkar)

“REALLY?? These people need to grow a BRAIN. PLAIN STUPID.” (Dino Morea)

“From 1st 19wc to natwest to 2007t20 to 2011wc. Find me a player who has done so much in big matches. 1 bad day n we become so bitter,” (Harbhajan Singh)

We Indians need to grow up a bit – our reactions to a problem are almost always immature. We rarely if ever take responsibility when things go wrong and we always seek a scapegoat. Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni accepted responsibility of the loss on behalf of his entire team – cant we be half as mature?

By – Reena Daruwalla

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