Feminism is often denounced for that what it actually doesn’t convey. The substance of feminism has been misconstrued and it still is.

Feminism is slowly becoming a worldwide hated word. No woman now wants to associate herself with the word; no man wants to associate with a woman who is a feminist. Feminists are now the new ‘voldemort’ they better be referred to as the ‘you know who’. Because as soon as it is revealed that you are a feminist you are termed as a manhater, misandrist pig, a female chauvinist pig, a paid puppet of Emma Watson (don’t you dare say no, I myself have been called all these) and some ‘subtle’ words like sexist, supporter of false crimes etc.

But are these titles given just because men don’t like equal women or is there more to it? It is rightly said “taali dono haath se bajti hai”? On one hand, I agree there are men crying‘ladki hai, aukaat mein reh’ but then at the other end. there are also women who have “thrown ink”( a really famous thing to do nowadays) on the very faces of all the female members of the society who dream of a free and equal life, by their deeds.

feminism A New Definition Of Feminism


Filing of false cases of rapes and dowry, blackmailing a person, forcing a man to send his family to an old age home, all happens in this very world. And the one who gets trapped in the “jaal” is the innocent public or out of that the ‘feminists’ who despite having faith in their innocence supports them only to be betrayed in the climax of the movie and be given a bad name.

But we should realize that these parasites of the society not only hurt you but also us-‘the feminists’. The feminists are not at fault here if they believe in them just as most of you do.

im a feminist A New Definition Of Feminism

So let’s define Feminism again-“Feminism is supporting women causes to make a more gender equal society” Why women causes you ask? The answer is simple because women for long have been the ‘joote ki dhool’ of the men in the society. They need to stand up, and fight, and that is feminism. But wait isn’t this very definition of feminism, the very definition with which the entire movement started.

Then what changed? Why did we need to define it again, well what changed was that it took an entire new shape in the minds of the people. Feminism soon became a movement of those bitches who hate men and want a whole lot of freedom and services but no duties; the one who are scheming against men. They soon became the femiNazis. So basically feminists became the female version of Hitler who instead of the Jews hated the Men (no offence).

And we had/have women who stand to this definition perfectly, voicing their opinion in the loudest tone possible, with big bindis on their forehead and heavy saris on their bodies, these women are also successful in garnering an audience due to the foolish people who go after them like bees ready to sting them as soon as they open their mouth (quite a lot of publicity you know).

But hey *waving my hand*, here are the true feminists and we are voicing our opinion too, where are the audience now, haan. Oh wait, they are there, only that they are not interested. They can’t call you names naa.

So let’s pause for a moment and start considering the ones who stand true to the definition of feminism this very day, support them, highlight them, and let’s successfully change or rather clean the image of feminism. Because one cannot deny the fact that Feminism is needed and it’s needed in its true sense.

Modern feminism A New Definition Of Feminism

So let’s ask:

Why do men always have to pay the bills?

Why does he have to pull our chair?

Why does he have to open our car doors?

Why can’t we have an equal salary for equal work?

Why can’t we walk back to home at night felling safe?

Why should we be scared of a drunk boy’s group?

Why can’t WE wear whatever we want in public?

Why can’t WE………?

Let’s show ‘Shailene Woodley’, ‘Parineeti chopra’ and others who have misunderstood the term, what feminism actually is.

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