Today if there is a degeneration of values & morality,it is in the political class & the media which is taking nation for granted.Why don’t we act against?

When we see corrupt politicians in the parliament House, politicians who have no national characters, no national pride, so much as our Soldiers laying their lives to protect our borders and keep our Tricolor flying high, our political class inside parliament and outside are playing their petty politics with each other and National interests, National Security, National integrity, are compromised for their self serving politics.What we have been witnessing in politics is a very disturbing pattern. Even those politicians who are seniors in age, experienced and over 70 years too are greedy for power and do not want to retire from political life but at 80 and 90, want to enjoy powers, positions, not to serve people or the country but to serve their own political agenda.JNU politics by students from the university campus, a suicide by student in Hyderabad university are politicized not in the interests of this great nation but in their own political interests.jnu chaos 2016 Degeneration Of Indian Politics.

It is shocking to see the seniors speaking on these two issues in the parliament from the opposition side, creating chaos on the floor, presenting shallow perspectives and taking cheap political positions only to target Narendra Modi government in power ??? I was listening to all opposition party leaders and none showed any political maturity nor statesmanship in their political stance.

It is a subject about National integrity, National Security and Sovereignty, which is threatened by some anti national rogues from our University campus and the opposition is politicizing such a sensitive issues that can in future pose serious threats to our country if anti national revolts, anti national activities are not nipped in the bud right now.

Standing with the group of so called students who shout slogans of “Bharat ki Barbadi” “Go Back India”? Afzal tere Katil abheebhee Jinda Hai, Afzal Guru you are an inspiration to us for the Revolution against those who hanged you. Bandook ke Dum par Leke Rahenge Azaadi ??? Assam Mange Azaadi, West Bengal Mange Azaadi, Kerala Mange Azaadi??Arunachal Mange Azaadi??

Afzal Guru Degeneration Of Indian Politics.

Leke Rahenge Azaadi????? India ke Hazar Tukde Karenge??? These slogans rogue students are shouting being on the Indian soil. Are they Indians from any angle ??? And these shameless opposition leaders, like Rahul Gandhi, KC Tyagi, Sitaram Yechuri, Jyotiradditya Scindia and many other communist leaders are standing with anti national elements to protect them.

Is the issue Narendra Modi and his government or Some students challenging our Constitutional institutes, Judiciary, Democracy, police and Armed forces??? What is the issue??

Why can’t opposition leaders forget their political differences for once with Modi government and stand united keeping “India’s Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity” on top?? Why Nation for them does not come first and politics, later?? What message they have collectively given to Pakistan, Hafeez Saeed like terrorist, and ISI of Pakistan ??


Opposition looks hell bent to help our enemy who is killing our young soldiers everyday, and now Hafeez Saeed, Parvez Musharaf like conspirators in bleeding India are getting help from our opposition. What is happening ?? Is this their style of playing politics ?? Helping the enemy to bleed India and Break India which they want??

Today, the political class has lost the national character and the nation is witnessing a bigger threat of divisive, communal agenda, opposition leaders are shamelessly following, caring a damn for the country, its security and sovereignty.

India Politics Business Degeneration Of Indian Politics.

Is it not a degeneration of values in politics that the society is experiencing collectively?

What is this greed for power that we as a nation are watching outside the parliament and inside the parliament house? It is a matter of concern for the citizens of this country when we see Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Sitaram Yechuri A Raja, Nitish Kumar Mayawati like many leaders are not only acting anti Modi, but their political behavior is anti India. They can have political differences, ideological disagreements, but they can not and should not stand with those who are anti national, and pro Pakistan.

This is unacceptable to the nation even if they are elected by the people. They are not sent to Parliament to destabilize, derail the elected government with huge electoral mandate. The ordinary people are not greedy of power nor of money. They have all the good values of life and good intentions when they elect their representatives in the parliament.

Today if there is a degeneration of values and morality, it is in the political class and the media which is taking nation for granted. Today, clearly it is seen, this great nation is taken for a ride and by none other than the elected representatives, intellectual mafia and pseudo liberals who are demanding “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Expression” and Freedom to Liberty” be ABSOLUTE.

freedom of speech Degeneration Of Indian Politics.

People of this nation will not allow this liberty professed by few squanders and rogues by giving them the loaded guns to use against the nation. Because we know… the same loaded Gun will be put on our heads. So Do not expect the Traitors, Unpatriotic elements who are committing Treason against this great Nation will be pardoned. They will not.

By Ajay Angre

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