Are we looking at fresh Delhi Assembly elections? Mr Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP seem to be readying themselves for a fresh fight for the government of Delhi

AAP cartoon Kejriwal Readies for a Fight in the Delhi Assembly Elections

    1. It has over 10 months since the people of Delhi went to the polls for the legislative assembly elections but there is still no clarity about who is to govern the country’s capital. When Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung invited the Aam Aadmi Party to form the government, Arvind Kejriwal became 7th Chief Minister of Delhi on 28 Decmber 2013. The fact that he was CM for only 49 days whereupon he resigned his post has meant that the capital’s government has been in limbo since 17th of February when Delhi was placed under President’s rule.
    2. Now that we have news that the country’s President has given his approval for the move, Lt. Gov. Njaeeb Jung is likely to invite the BJP (as the party who won the largest number of seats in the elections) to form the government, the combative Mr. Kejriwal is once again in the news, seemingly readying himself for yet another fight.
    3. On the AAP Facebook page the observations of the Supreme Court as regards the formation of the government in Delhi are highlighted:

      “Delhi’s lieutenant governor should have taken decision on government formation at the earliest and should not have taken five months time.”

      “We gave you enough time but nothing happened and you always make one statement or other on the day of hearing.”

      “Suppose lieutenant governor is going to invite the largest party (BJP). Are they in a position to form the government?”

    4. Kejriwal never one to mince his words has accused the BJP of running away from the elections because they are scared of losing. Kejriwal and his party are of the view that the BJP doesn’t have the numbers to form the government and that it is playing “dirty tricks” with the people of Delhi.

    5. It is his view that the BJP is now looking to make a bid for forming the government in the nation’s capital because it now has support from the central government who is anxious to have one more state in the country within its command. “It is very sad that instead of protecting constitution, the Lt Governor is working on the direction of one political party,” he has alleged. (Source – Indian Express)
    6. The fact that the BJP has asked Kejriwal for a public apology and has demanded Rs 5 crores in damages for alleged defamatory statements doesn’t seem to have fazed him. Mr. Kejriwal’s feels that the center is biased against his party and the delay in formation of the government seems designed to give the BJP time for horse-trading so that they can cobble together the requisite numbers to form the government. He feels that there is no Modi wave in the nation’s capital and that the people of Delhi want AAP back.
    7. The tenor of Mr. Kejriwal’s recent statements seem to indicate that he is readying himself and his party for a poll clash where the top parties of BJP, the Congress and AAP will once again engage in a pitched batter to form the government for Delhi’s Legislative Assembly.
    8. It is Mr. Kejriwal’s view that  “Unlike other states, AAP is a credible alternative to the BJP in Delhi. It will be a straight fight between us and the BJP. The Congress will not win even a single seat.” The banners on the AAP website also seem to indicate that they are gearing up for a fight; the fight for Delhi.AAP Kejriwal Readies for a Fight in the Delhi Assembly Elections


APP Cleans banner2 0 Kejriwal Readies for a Fight in the Delhi Assembly Elections

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