And now as AAP sweeps Delhi, a few stray thoughts on BJP. A few point of views and a few observations just before and after the Delhi Election…

AAP surpasses all projections, estimates and equations of EXIT POLLS.

arvind kejriwal aap wins delhi Delhi Election : AAP Sweeps, BJP Weeps   We Tell You Why

And now, a few stray thoughts, a few point of views and a few observations just before and after the Delhi Elections, …… not all my own work.

Tari Pars and Tawdry Parodies could never be the substitutes of SINCERE and HONEST Leadership for a country of diversity like India in the Long Run.

Public has refused to accept the belligerency in the name of religion. The Sadhwis, Sakshis. Swaimis, Togadias and Shahi Imamas, Owaisies are to be told categorically that while academic and religious dialogues are always welcome, threats and intimidation have NO  place in civilized society.

You have to pay for Hypocrisy. If you wear a Ten Lakhs Rupees worth suit and pretend to be talking and working for poor, you can’t hoodwink the gullible masses.

If you are working for Rich and Affluent Class; if you are changing the laws and making it easier for the rich and powerful to snatch away the farming fields and Adiwasi lands that provide the livelihood, and you still think that public is foolish dunderhead enough NOT to detect your true intentions, YOU are Wrong!

If you think you are the only LUCKY in this country and rest of your opponents are UNLUCKY than it would be just a wishful thinking on your part that has nothing to do with the law of nature.

If you believe that Public Memory is short and they would forget all the tall promises you had made about BLACK MONEY stashed in Foreign Banks, you are underestimating their brain powers.

You had declared before winning the Lok Sabha Election 2014 that Vadra – the husband of Priyanka, was a worst economic offender. You have failed him to bring to book till date. It reflects either your imputations were false are you are absolutely inefficient in catching the culprit.

If you have not imbibed with the mannerism and courtesy to invite and EX-Chief Minister of Delhi on 26 the Jan celebrations and place the aspiring CM occupying the front seat, mocking the ex CM, public would never forgive for your act of insult.

If you allow the march-hares to call Nathuram Godse as great nationalist; If you fail to speak when the crazy groups try to install his busts in temples, you are conniving there if not complicit.

If you see the burning of churches and the dramas of GHAR VAPSI and still maintain an stoic and studied silence, your silence is construed as weakness at the expense of minorities.   

 If you promise to clean Ganga Mayya and nothing changes in BOD’s and COD’s of stream waters; if the public witness the horrible scenery of floating stinking human carcasses in holy waters, you have to explain what is happening in the river flow.

If you turn the riot accused and foul-mouth individuals as responsible governing entities, you have to face the wrath of peace loving public.

If you a lose language that doesn’t behoove to your status, public would remind you about your position.

If you believe that you can always win the elections just on the basis of Propaganda Waves, you are at a loss to understand the real situation.    

Power is a slippery Game.

By: Naim Naqvi

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