Following the terror attack in Peshawar and the hostage situation in Sydney security agencies have put Delhi on red alert: public spaces, schools and colleges

Schools, Colleges Asked To Review Security, Heightened Security in Public Spaces tribute to peshawar victims opt DELHI ON RED ALERT

  1. Even as the nation mourns the loss of innocent young lives in the Peshawar School Attack of 16 December 2014, government and security agencies are mindful of the possibility of such a terror act being perpetrated in schools and colleges as well as public spaces of the capital city. The recent hostage crisis in a Sydney café is one more reasons for agencies to review security in public spaces.
  2. While the Peshawar attacks have highlighted the need for improved security in educational institutions, the Sydney hostage incident in a café has shown the vulnerability of public spaces such as restaurants, markets and so on to terror attacks. With a state visit from the president of the United States, Barack Obama scheduled for next month, the need to step up vigilance has become all the more important and its a case of Delhi on Red Alert currently.
  3. The Delhi Police have sounded a high alert with regard to school and college security by alerting 160 police stations across the state to guard against possible terror attacks. PCR vans close to educational institutions, mock drills and information sharing are part of the efforts. (Source – Daily Mail)
  4. Security in High Street locations of Delhi such as Khan Market and Connaught Place is being increased as it is in other popular hangouts such as cafes and restaurants. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has asked states to tighten security. According to one police officer, “A red alert has been issued. With the recent incidents, a greater number of personnel have been deployed,” (Source – Business Standard)
  5. Currently, Delhi city administration as well as other government agencies are formulating plans to improve security in and around colleges and schools of the city and also other big cities around the county. The Ministry of Home Affairs is also preparing a detailed state advisory for state governments to follow and intelligence agencies are being asked to stay on high alert for the coming months. (Source – Business Standard)
  6. whatsapp message DELHI ON RED ALERT It doesn’t help that floating rumours tend to spread unnecessary panic as in the case of the Whatsapp message about the security threat in Delhi which was being circulated yesterday. The message warned that public space in Delhi such as malls and markets would be targeted on 18th December.
  7. Even before the tragic events of Peshawar and Sydney the Home Minister and Delhi LG Najeeb Jung have been reviewing law and order situations in the state. Installation of CCTV cameras at strategic locations and improved working of the police is part of the plan to secure Delhi ahead of the upcoming state assembly polls. (Source – Times)

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