Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes & Memes – A Collection!

Any conversation between a Mumbaikar and a Delhiite eventually reaches to a common battleground where the two constantly try to prove their city better.

Mumbai and Delhi are the most happening cities in India. Even the world is aware about the culture and ethos of the two cities. No wonder for a proud Mumbaikar, Mumbai is nothing less than Manhattan and a proud Delhite is a loud, cheerful Indian who thinks Delhi belongs to him and vice versa. Now which city is better – Dilwalon Ki Dili or Aamchi Mumbai?


Here we share some of the best Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes that are worth looking at :

The Bhaiya Factor

Mumbaikar – You call everyone Bhaiyaaaa

Delhite – You make a weird smooching gesture with a sound to call anyone. Also, In Delhi, Bhaiya is an affectionate term but for Mumbaikars’ it’s nothing but a curse – a humiliation!

mumbai delhi jokes memes Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Delhi Metro V/S Mumbai Local

Delhi Metro =
Romantic scenes..

Mumbai Local =
Ticha mayla dhakka kaun mara re!
Bhau mala jau dya na..
Line kayko toda, abhi aise hi khada reh!!
“Gate block kar Borivali aa gaya!!
:p :p

delhi metro mumbai local cover Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Delhi Vs Mumbai Temperature

Mumbaikars – We don’t have brutal winters or summers.

Delhiite – Mumbai doesn’t have spring, autumns and not even winters, right? Awie! That’s so sad We, Delhiites get to enjoy every aspect of nature, from spring to the fall, from Ice-bars to bonfires. Ah, I’m just in love with Delhi.

Mumbaikar – Mumbai ka Monsoon is the most romantic thing ever. Dilli Ki Sardi can’t even compete.

Delhiite – Well, people in Mumbai take out their sweaters if the temperature dips from 33 degrees to 28 degrees. It means winters for Mumbai.

Next, here’s what Delhiwallah have to show –

delhi vs mumbai temperature joke Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Delhi Vs Mumbai – Road Safety

Mumbaikar – Driving in Delhi is suicide

Delhiite – You don’t have the place to drive. Your highways are narrower than our footpaths.

Mumbaikar – But that’s because you need that extra space to escape when a car with a Haryana number plate is chasing you!

delhi vs mumbai debate Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Mumbai Vs Delhi Career Aspirations

Mumbaikar – Everybody in your city wants to become a Roadie

Delhiite – Which you guys can’t be because you guys are too boring with your Surnburn festivals.

delhi vs mumbai funny jokes Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Delhi Vs Mumbai – How to Recognize a DelhiWallah or a Mumbaikar?

Delhiite “Tu jaanta hain mein kaun hoon? Saale ek phone ghumaunga aur andar ho jaayega?”

Mumbaikar“Boss, Jaane de – Darr ke aage Jeet Hai aur Dadar ke aage Seat Hai!” 

dadar joke mumbai Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Samosa Vs Vada Pav

Delhiite – A samosa is tastier than a vada pav. It is a totally desi snack unlike vada pav which has an angrezi influence because of the bun.

Mumbaikar – A single Vada Pav is a bread and butter of Mumbaikars and by the way, Samosa is not Indian!

vada pav vs samosa mumbai vs delhi Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!
Delhi Vs Mumbai – The Language Joke

mumbai delhi language drama Delhi Vs Mumbai Jokes!

Both,Mumbaikars and Delhiites may beat around the bush and always try to engage in meaningless talks and conversations, but no matter how much they avoid, they do end up discussing the good as well as the bad about both the metros.

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