Kejriwal before & after election is a perfect pair of opposites one can notice. One never knows if 2015 Jan Lokpal Bill is as true as was claimed in 2014.

While Rains bring the city of Chennai to a standstill the leaky Lokpal brings anti-corruption desire of Delhites to a standstill.

The National Campaign for People`s Right  to Information wants Arvind Kejriwal to break his silence – On how and from where the Janlokpal-2015 expenses and bills will be met ?

Tamil Nadu Media survey monitored by KS Jocob of Swaraj Abhiyan  puts the tragedy in shocking figures.

chennai floods Delhi’s Janlokpal Bill & Chennai Floods   All A Tragic Mess

Loss of more than Lac. crore is cruel.

Half the Chennai population is reduced to being beggars overnight.

chenani floods jayalalitha Delhi’s Janlokpal Bill & Chennai Floods   All A Tragic Mess

Experts blame the human systems spoiling the nature`s rule resulting in such spill over blocking Public life.

Kamal Hassan the Bollywood -Tollywood heart throb & many more correctly point to an open secret : “Entire system has collapsed and powerful politicians have failed.”

Let us explore the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal bill.

jan lok pal bill Delhi’s Janlokpal Bill & Chennai Floods   All A Tragic Mess

Old Drafting Committee of Lokpal-2014 blows the whistle on Arvind Kejriwal’s brand revisions in 2015.

Moot Question remains-

Arvind Sir Please tell – How this new bill that you have drafted in 2015 is revolutionary?

How & When will this revised bill bring in transparency

How the new Lokpal -2015 can have some real teeth and how will it not favor the government?

Majority of the draftsmen and 5 architects (excluding only Arvind Kejriwal) all claim today – Original Lokpal 2014 was practical.

2014 Lokpal Bill Delhi’s Janlokpal Bill & Chennai Floods   All A Tragic Mess

It gave ownership to 90% common people and did not allow a single leader  to spend public money to the tune of 526 crores as done by CM Delhi in distributing his own images and versions.

Original Jan Lokpal drafted by Panch Permeshwar – 5 Wise Men at Ramleela Maidan including Arvind Kejriwal in 2014 was a practical and a necessary bill.

By Rakesh Manchanda, AAP Khap Panchayat member

FYI – Arvind Kejriwal needs courage to charge sheet me on any frivolous & remove me and hundreds of more volunteers from the primary membership of AAP.

Image Source: 123 And Supplied By Author

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