World’s biggest democracy is having no demos of its own right now as demos had turned into salesmanship of branded flag, definitely not of tri-colour.

Having look upon “title” one must tell him/herself what a nonsense is going on, off-course in order of being something different and seeking extra attention (more than what one deserve). Simply speaking “kuch bhi”  likh do bas (write anything for the sake of writing). This is what I feel while writing this one. But there is something which compelled me to think so and so. Otherwise how this blank mind could  think of democracy, demos, nation and notion which is always immersed into  pondering about crazy lady.

RIP Democracy Democracy Without Demos & Nation Without Notion

With my half cooked knowledge what I came to know about the essence of democracy from my master and mentor is that it is the rule of people, where the notion of haves and haves not seems to be disappeared. Though being realistic in approach I personally believe that eradication of this drift is like making castle in air. I do have firm faith in democracy and the democratic constitution. Now coming back to the title, whatever I have written, I experienced it all around me. World’s biggest democracy is having no demos of its own right now, demos had turned into salesman of branded flag, definitely not of tri-colour. They have been trained.. Sorry hypnotized in such a professional way that they can do anything for their sale index.

They even can hang themselves, and no one will have single drop of tear in their eyes on the untimely death of son of soil.

For branding them-self they even don’t fear to kill someone for having something in his plate of his own choice and for branding them-self they don’t ponder even once before celebrating such party at the door step of others house, which severely damaged their sentiments.

In the midst of all these share selling and purchasing game the corporate owners missed no chance of “get-together” be it in valley or Arunachal, but for salesman their remain strict instruction don’t even look upon with smiley face with those holding other colour flag. The youth who could have got together are told not to derail from company track and hold flag tightly.

Democracy going sign1 Democracy Without Demos & Nation Without Notion

The biggest democracy has no government for its entire citizen. The government become  abki  baar teri sarkaar agli baar meri sarkaar(this time it’s your government next time will be mine). Abusing government certified one with the prefix of intellectual and supporting it means having no rationality at all and belonging to stereo civilization. Order for unfurling national flag become controversial here and demeaning national dignity has become freedom of expression as like natural right. Having tight lip when young son hang himself becomes trend for someone, and beating the drum on his death become passion for someone, but while he was alive there was no one for him. Who care for salesman… there is life insurance for you(salesmen) paid only if you died.

Now comes to the responsible youth. For them condemning government is there right as they are upcoming intellectual but evaluating the pros and cons of policy is non of their business. 

Kanhaiya Kumar azadi speech Democracy Without Demos & Nation Without Notion

Just tell me if don’t you like the government then why the government would like you?

In between you and government I found both of you having their identity but the democracy of which you are talking and fighting about stands nowhere. Yes I knew that democracy is here because of you only, having no physical embodiment of its own but it is this virtual democracy within both of you which let you stand, two sides of the table under single umbrella.

Not to talk of this nation, literally this nation has the entire essential element needed for being a nation, but now no one is its own. By our entire means we try to achieve all that we want and this five alphabet I N D I A tries it’s best to  fulfill all your never ending desire without rising single question.

It (nation) has its government but it is of so called nationalist not of entire nation.

It has own land but its own people want freedom for a piece of land from it.

kashmir dispute pix Democracy Without Demos & Nation Without Notion

It has population but they turned into salesmen of certain flag.

It has sovereignty but in-front of both of you (government & you) its sovereignty hold no water.You have certain rights and freedom but this nation have no right, you can go to supreme court or high court, you can shoo each other but this nation can’t, because you can abuse this nation but this nation can’t. You may be charged under sedition or may be certified patriotic grade card but nation won’t.

Now the game of five (upcoming election in 5 states) would be prepared by all  your means, it’s time to cash all your grade card be it with prefix and suffix of sedition or patriot sell it as much as you can. Just pay high incentive to your respective salesmen and flag bearer.

Democracy and nation may come.

 Democracy and nation may go.

 But you go on forever…..

You were there when there was no democracy and no nation, you still are today and will be tomorrow… “I the democracy and I the nation are mere puppet of your hand”.

But dear you, I the nation and I the democracy request you to let this youth think of themselves and for once give them fact not the in-built notion.

By Diwakar Jha

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