Recently in Nepal our diplomacy has slipped. Madhesi’s movement made our relationship strained. India should not let the same repeat with Myanmar.

Myanmar entered in a new era on Wednesday when AUNG SAN SUU KYI’s NLD, democratically elected party took the power. Htin Kyaw, 70, took the oath of president. He is a school friend & confident of Suu kyi, President of NLD & Nobel laureate. She has been barred from becoming president by the Junta’s scripted constitution. A person, whose spouse is a foreign citizen, has been debarred from the top office of the country. It was specially made to stop Suu Kyi from the top office of the land. However she has declared that she will steer the govt from the back seat. She is officially a minister in the cabinet. In this way she has won the long battle of democracy. She is one of the few leaders who was imprisoned for twenty years including house arrest for fifteen years for the cause of democracy. Her struggle is something like Nelson Mandela of South Africa. We can say that 30th of March’16 will be recorded as important event of 21st century on the world plat form.

htin kyaw aung san suu kyi DEMOCRACY IN MYANMAR
Although Suu Kyi appeared in the ruler’s shoes but the path head is full with hurdles. Important portfolio like home, defense, border security has been kept by Military. Secondly twenty five percent seats of parliament have been made reserve for military. Last but not the least Junta scripted constitution is inclined to military. We can say that it will be another battle for Suu Kyi. She will have to bridge between democratic govt & military to implement several programs, she desires. She will also have to strengthen the democratic govt by several changes in the constitution for which she will need the support of military.

aung san suu kyi htin kyaw DEMOCRACY IN MYANMAR
Burma, now Myanmar, is not only our neighbor but we have common culture, religion etc. MS Suu Kyi is educated in Delhi. India has long way supported the cause of democracy not only to Suu Kyi but world at large. Strong democracy in our neighbor is essential for our peace & tranquility. We should help with all of our means to strengthen the democracy there. Recently in Nepal our diplomacy has slipped. Madhesi’s movement made our relationship strained. Now Nepal is edging towards China which is a point of anxiety for us. Now it is the time of Myanmar. We should be diplomatically at high alert to elevate the relationship with Myanmar at new heights.

nepal new constitution violence DEMOCRACY IN MYANMAR
It may not be out of place to mention that in the initial period NDA govt diplomacy with neighbors projected a new life but it has been deteriorating progressively. The way China is spreading its tentacles in our neighbors, need to be stopped. It can be attained only by mutual understanding & win over the confidence of the neighbors. Barring Pakistan we can to it & we will have to do it.

By Dr Dinesh Mishra

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