De-monetisation is serving as a shock therapy by virtue of which the government has escaped a stance on many other lingering issues.

There is an unusual sight in our country these days. Its been long since people have had so much common ground to cover during a conversation. Anywhere you are the demonetization follows you giving you better chance of connection than a Jio sim.

Reliance free Jio offer Pragmatism : The lost way

Recently Mukesh Ambani spoke in an interview about how better connectivity and internet will form the basis of taking India ahead in the world charter. Well, the youth do need better internet and that too free of cost if they plan to stay unemployed for a long period of time. The distribution of free internet reminds of the classic marketing strategy by drug peddlers wherein they distributed free samples of cocaine to get people hooked on to it and later the free samples became their paid scoring.

Political promises and decisions just like the immediate psychotropic effect of drugs seems to bring an instant change in the world of their consumer but bears its delusional effects in due course of time. Though the impact of a political delusion is much more catastrophic as it deludes the minds of millions at the same time. The important thing in such times is to let the mud settle and the water be clear.

delusion quote Pragmatism : The lost way

The jingoism of adhering to the popular notion has set so many precedents in the world which would refrain anyone with intelligence to fall for it. The sheer notion of patriotism in America has over the period of time led to a demolition of almost more than half of middle east,not to forget the plight of native Indians for whom thanksgiving is a rather ironical term.But the people have been given the patriotic candy to suck upon.

In the times where the world as a whole should become a safer place for everyone to live in with harmony because we have enough scientific and natural resources to share, it has rather become a battleground of countries. In a brief history of 3000 years human race has fought more than 5000 wars and still counting.

world full of wars Pragmatism : The lost way

Every once in a while any given society falls prey to its own monotony of idealism when a deep and irrational dis-enchantment develops from the constantly ignored furore of public opinion. This is the time when everything is easily accepted because it promises to bring in something new.

Numbness is never a sign of good health but its deterioration. We are going through a shock therapy which sometimes reminds the scenario from Jack Nicholson’s Oscar  ‘One who flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ where the electric therapy is done on a healthy man pretending to be mentally ill. It is hard sometimes to segregate the mad from the sane pretending to be mad in today’s scenario.

De-monetisation is serving as a shock therapy by virtue of which the government has escaped a stance on many other lingering issues. I do not intend to count or criticize its merits as its a matter subject to Que sera sera.

modi combats black money Pragmatism : The lost way

The course of democracy runs through the consensus of majority wherein the at the ratio of 51:49, the bulging 1 percent overrides the other half of society in matter of choice. Since a democracy claims a freedom of expression for all instead of convenience of expression, it is imperative that the views of all the affected are heard too. The online survey that just enlisted the happiness of 80 percent people after the ban on notes and people sharing it with pride not ready to listen to the fact that these people with access to internet and smartphones do not constitute the majority population of our country even till date. This reminds me a quote from Ayn Rand’s classic piece of literature:The Fountainhead which says and i quote ‘ The hardest thing to see is glaringly evident that everybody has decided not to see’.

But if this does not give us an insight to the fact that we as humans assign value to things and hold it so tightly that they lose their original purpose. Currency draws its etymology from Latin word ‘Currens’ which means  means condition of running or flowing and when some of us hoard that it loses its purpose.

By Amandeep Sharma

Copywriter at Adwintage

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