Justification of British excesses by Karl Marx clearly shows that communism is the synonym of hypocrisy.Communism is too much theory but too little practice

Communists came to power in Russia after Bolshevik revolution of 1917 but the dream of communist thinkers shattered very soon when Stalin came to power in 1924. Communism took backside and in-fact it was Stalinism which run the Russia over decades and gave a bad name to communist ideology because of bloodbath during Stalin regime. Brutality of communist regime in Russia and China compelled the left-wing thinkers to change their strategy and they started projecting themselves as “Progressive” and thus Neo-Communism was came into existence.

cold red tsar joseph stalin  Demystifying Neo Communism And Its Roots In India

Communist ideology always talked about bringing the labourers under one umbrella but atrocities against Hungry by Russia in 1950s and war between two communist countries (Sino-Vietnam war in 1970s) rubbished this theory and caused devastation to the leftist ideology. Failure of communism on economic front also sent a SOS message to the comrades that a change in strategy is required for survival and they took shelter of Neo-Communism to disguise themselves as progressive by changing some marxist dictums.

communism stalinism Demystifying Neo Communism And Its Roots In India

This neo-communism was primarily aimed to gain hold on academic and cultural institutions so that eventually they can occupy the political space. Max Horkheimer (marxist from Frankfurt School which pioneered cultural Marxism) said thatrevolution wouldn’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally by infiltrating educational institutions, political offices and transforming them slowly into Marxist entities” and neo-marxists are following this principle.

If we see the cultural Marxism in Indian context then we can easily identify that how Marxist historians have played with facts and brought our history to rubbish. Eminent marxist scholars got state patronage in post-independence era and occupied positions in academia which gave them ability to twist the facts to annihilate the old values & beliefs. Marxist intellectuals carefully devised jargons and came up with new concepts like Aryan invasion, temple destruction by Hindus in ancient times, practice of beef eating by Hindus etc. with the sole objective of denigrating our culture & beliefs.

It is the dichotomy of so called progressive intellectuals that when confronted with facts and arguments, they brand the opponent as fascist, communal etc. and use some jargons but avoid the discussion. It is the irony about those who talk of intolerance but being so intolerant about the views & ideas of others that they boycott them and refuse to hear. Aren’t these intellectuals practice the same thing which they oppose theoretically and thus set example of sheer hypocrisy?

Over the period neo-marxism has spread itself into various institutions & fields ranging from universities, theatres, entertainment, NGOs, media etc. and they have a huge say in the ideological discourse of the country with the prime objective of creating a new culture by destroying ours. Evil intention of Marxists can be seen from the glorification of invaders but limiting our national heroes like Shivaji & Pratap into paragraphs. Notable historians tend to question everything relating to our ancient culture but maintain a suspicious silence over misdeeds of Muslims rule in India.

Marx’s confusion about India and hypocrisy of revolution

Communist ideologues appear to be confused about Indian culture and history which is evident from their conflicting views about India. Leon Trotsky (founding leader of red army) praises our culture and writes in his book ‘The History of the Russian Revolution’ that “The ancient civilisations of Egypt, India and China had a character self-sufficient enough, and they had time enough at their disposal, to bring their social relations, in spite of low productive powers, almost to the same detailed completion to which their craftsmen brought the products of their craft” while Karl Marx in his letter published in The New-York Daily Tribune “NYDT” (August 8, 1853) says that India, then, could not escape the fate of being conquered, and the whole of her past history, if it be anything, is the history of the successive conquests she has undergone. Indian society has no history at all, at least no known history.

fascism  Demystifying Neo Communism And Its Roots In India

Marx has written various article on India and according to him our history starts from Moghul era which is enough to explain why he said that Indian society has no history at all (Marx letter published in NYDT June 25, 1853 edition). Our Marxist historians follow the same principle and this biasness (or lack of knowledge) can be seen in the history books written by them in which all the efforts have been made to denigrate Indian race.

Ideological bankruptcy and hypocrisy of communists can also be seen from the letter written by Karl Marx which was published in NYDT June 25, 1853 edition in which he says that England was causing a social revolution in India and goes to the extent of saying that whatever may have been the crimes of England she was the unconscious tool of history in bringing about that revolution”.

lenin stalin karl marx communism Demystifying Neo Communism And Its Roots In India

Communist principle talks about revolution for giving power in the hands of oppressed and talks about equality but justification of British excesses by Karl Marx clearly shows that communism is the synonym of hypocrisy. Status of people in revolutionary regime across the world and of Bengal, Tripura and Kerala in India is enough to send a message to comrades to come out of their utopian world and accept the reality that their ideology is all about “too much theory but too little practice”.

By- CA Shshank Saurav (Writer and social activist)

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