Will Devi Dharma Know that Sushim Killed Rajya Ved? Will she know that he was involved in conspiracy of Acharya’s death?

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is going through a very interesting phase where two plots are running simultaneously – one is the Takshashila plot where Ashok is busy trying to end Keechak’s tyranny, other is the Pataliaputra where Devi Dharma is trying to find Acharya Chanakya’s killers.

Both the plots are intriguing as the enemies are trying their best to dodge both Ashok and his mother Rani Dharma. While, Ashoka has the support of Takshashila’s natives, Rani Dharma is alone.

devi dharma Will Devi Dharma Know that Sushim Killed Rajya Ved?

Rani Dharma Has a Doubt on a Royal Family Member

Rani Dharma knows that someone from the royal family is involved in the killing of Chanakya. However, being a good lady, she is doubtful whether anybody from the palace can go to such an extent to kill Chanakya. Even though Dharma was informed by Raj Vaidya’s wife about an insider plotting things against Chanakya, she is clueless and thinking again whether she is thinking is right or not.

rani dharma Will Devi Dharma Know that Sushim Killed Rajya Ved?

She is Suspecting Rajkumar Sushim’s hand in it

When the Raj Vaidya was repenting the death of his son and wife whom he had killed to save himself from getting caught, Rajkumar Sushim walked in his house. Raj Vaidya expressed his fear of getting caught and also requested Sushim to allow him to go away from Pataliaputra. Sushim obliged falsely and just when Raj Vaidya was about to move out, he strangled him to death. Immediately, he also set his house on fire so that people might believe that Raj Vaidya and his family’s death was an accident.

sushim ashoka Will Devi Dharma Know that Sushim Killed Rajya Ved?

However, Acharya Chanakya’s guptchar Ishwari and now Rani Dharma’s aid who was keeping a watch saw someone running from the place after the house was set on fire. She tried to stop the person running by a burnt log of wood. Ishwari then informed Rani Dharma that the culprit is indeed from the royal family and may also now have a burn.

Next, Rani Dharma realized that Rajkumar Sushim is suffering from a burn. However, he smartly tried to disguise the burn. Now that Rajkumar Sushim along with Charumitra, Helena and Khalatak are trying to play a hide and seek game with Rani Dharma, the question arises –

Will Devi Dharma Know that Sushim Killed Rajya Ved?

Rani Dharma is trying her best to know who was behind Rajya Ved’s death and also the person who tried to kill Acharya Chanakya. However, Rajmata Helena being a smart woman is trying to outsmart her in every possible way. She even ditched Dharma in her own game plan. No wonder, Devi Dharma is a nice woman and Rajmata Helena is a wicked soul who knows how to play wickedly even with good people.

devi dharma ashoka serial Will Devi Dharma Know that Sushim Killed Rajya Ved?

However, Devi Dharma will not sit quietly. She along with her aid will try to get some or the other hints, and this time, we are sure that she will get strong evidence against Rajkumar Sushim as well as other people involved in the crime.

We hope that both the plots – Takshashila and Patliaputra end simultaneously.

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