A review of the popular Life Ok show Devon Ka Dev Mahadev. The show is at a turning point as Shiv and Sati are almost about to encounter each other.

Devon Ka Dev Mahadev is something of a flagship serial for Life Ok channel. It has been going on since 2011 and has a massive following. In fact the serial is so popular and successful that they have already brought out one set of DVDs. It credits inspiration to mythologist Devdatt Pattnaik (as does Mahabharat – Pattnaik has created quite a name in the niche for himself. His books on mythology are indeed outstanding) and is a dramatization of the Shiv Purana. In fact, the serial is an extreme, and extremely filmy, dramatization of the story of the ascetic God, who is the mythical Purush, and his partner Adi Shakti, who is the mythical Prakriti. The prologue establishes that Mahadev is narrating his story to his devotee, Lakulesh.

Currently it is showing the meeting of Shiv and Sati. After the loss of his partner Adi Shakti, Shiv is wandering in devastated desolation. Adi Shakti is reborn as Daksh Prajapati’s daughter Sati. Brahma and Vishnu have tasked Kaamdev with the duty of making Shiv and Sati meet.
shiv sati 300x143 Devon Ka Dev Mahadev: When will Shiv and Sati Meet?
In keeping with the exaggerated filmi nature of narration, the makers have been building a series of impossibilities to indicate the inevitability of the duo meeting. There was one whole episode dedicated to Shiv sculpting a clay figurine which he cannot complete – he only makes one vertical half of it. Simultaneously, Sati is trying to draw, and can only make one half of the figure she is attempting. Coincidently she has made the left half, while he has made the right half.

Sati is now on a journey. She is camped outside a forest. She wanders in, loses herself and sees the silhouette of a person (Shiv). Before they can speak, she is found by her guard of soldiers and rescued. She, however, cannot get the person she saw out of her mind and feels an inexplicable restlessness.

Shiv is shown carving wood and Vishnu predicts (to Narad and Brahma) that the damru that Shiv is making will draw Sati to Shiv and bring peace to the world. Interestingly, the actor who plays Vishnu in Devon Ka Dev Mahadev is also cast as Krishna in Mahabharat.

The next morning finds a stranger in place of Sati’s mantra. Unbeknownst to her, there is a conspiracy hatched by Maharaja Sadvesh to kill Sati. As the conspirator mantri’s archer takes aim, Shiv starts playing his damru. Sati is mesmerised by it and is instinctively drawn towards it – moving towards the sound in a trance.

There are a series of near-misses (does any movie have the liberty to spend almost an hour just show how two people may meet, but don’t – and this is just one really long scene?). Cheekily (obviously all these near-misses can only be Kaamdev’s failure, right?), there was a dialogue from Kaamdev saying to Bhramha): You’ve given me the job of making Mahadev and Adi Shakti meet but not told me why. But I will still do it – if you stop discussing and letting me do my work.

Possibly Shiv and Shakti (Sati) will meet in the next episode and the story can progress in some way.

By Sujata Garimella

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