An update of the show ‘Devon Ka Dev Mahadev’. Tune in to find out how the story unfolds as Sati and Shiva finally meet and some drama follows.

February 19th

Sati is having a perfectly horrendous time trying to get out of the forest – first she is attacked by a sabre-toothed Himalayan tiger then she slips and has to hang on to a tree for dear life. Shiv comes to her rescue both times and even shows surprising restraint and respect with her shrewish and spoilt behaviour and for her laughable stance of: “I cannot touch a paraya mard as per a rule established by my father.”
mahadev 300x111 Devon Ka Dev Mahadev: Oh! Will The Twain Meet Already!
Kaamdev comes to Indra to tell him about the task entrusted to him by Brahma and ask for the help of some of Indra’s Gods.  Is all this really there in Shiv Purana? Prajapati Daksh is being exhorted to start a planned yagna which he refuses to perform without news about his daughters (Khyati, Aditi and Sati). He fears the omens he is receiving about Sati.

The delayed meeting (wish it was shown as love at first sight instead of this prolonged egg-shell dance around each other) between Shiv and Sati is unfurling oh-so-slowly. At least now Shiv is talking to Sati (who incessantly talks to herself when not chewing his ear off). Sundown sees him entering a cave and her stranded in the wild outdoors.

February 20th

Cold and fear finally drive Sati into the cave and finds Shiv meditating and totally deaf to her request to let her stay. After some more incessant, spoilt chatter with herself she returns – and offers some more coquetry to his monosyllabic indifference. She then tries to make Shiv leave the cave – which he does – but she stops him. Oh, the tediousness of watching mythical and mythological Gods as personalities typified by books meant for teenage girls three decades ago (Twilight falls in the same category).
mahadev3 300x143 Devon Ka Dev Mahadev: Oh! Will The Twain Meet Already!
Overnight, Shiv finds himself seeing Sati behind his closed lids and Vishnu declares that the attraction is now there. He adds that Shiv has also realised that Sati is no ordinary woman and the only delay is caused by Shiv admitting to himself that he is attracted to Sati. Shiv starts playing his damru and Sati gets up to the sound with mixed feelings of gentleness, gratitude and her usual spoiltness.

Daksh is now willing to start the yagna and sends Bhrigu to get his daughters commanding him to kill anyone who tries to stop or create any hurdle in the return of his daughters. Sati approaches Shiv who realises she’s there and stops playing his instrument. She babbles a bit and then asks why he stays in the scary forest. He answers in riddles (Is van main main har jagah hoon – yahan bhi, wahan bhi – aur kahin bhi nahin) and she ridicules his roundabout way of speaking. Then it is chow time for her and she asks how she can find food for herself.

Kaamdev, with a gang of God cohorts is making his plan. He asks one Varun for his famous bow and arrows (yeah, Kaamdev has his own love-inducing weapons like Cupid has his). In the meanwhile one of Sati’s sisters is attacked by the false mantra  — with a cobra which bites her.

Cut to Sati finding a fruit bearing plant (looked like a cross between apples and pears) at waist length and gladly gathers the fruit. Shiv stops her, but she insists on eating the gathered fruit and flounces away.

By Sujata Garimella

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