Review of the show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Read on to find how the story unfolds as Sati and Shiv wander on their journeys in the forest.

After his run-in with the woodcutters, Shiv is taking stock of the damage caused by them; replanting saplings. Bramha summarises the environmental message congratulating Shiv’s Vrikshnath Roop which he has shown to the woodcutters. Sati feels she’s reaching the end of her journey. And is wondering about the Shiv (whom she terms adbhut): Na priyajan no koi ichcha. How can people stay this way? She has a moment of missing Shiv and pushes back the thought.

Mahadev7 300x176 Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Mahashivratri Around The Corner

Narad has got Nandi to Vishnu who promises him (Nandi) that Mahadev will and has to come back for those who believe in him (Shiv); for gyan poorti, for  lok kalyan.  Nandi insists on knowing where Shiv is but doesn’t get answers. Nandi repeatedly protests that all his life is about is Shiv and serving Shiv. As Sati is finding her way out of the forest, Shiv is wandering in the woods remembering her with every step. Memories are flooding him. Her monologue (well, that is de rigueur) is also only about him. The scene shifts from him walking, being assailed by a memory to Sati chattering about it. While one of Sati’s sisters is at the end of her tether with worry and hopelessness about Sati’s continued absence the other tries to console her reminding her about Sati’s boldness and the fact that their father will come soon.

mahadev8 300x300 Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Mahashivratri Around The Corner

Daksh is readying to leave and is disturbed to see his wife (Rishi Manu’s daughter) crying. He asks what the matter is. She reminds him about a nightmare she had about him and confesses that the same nightmare about his head being cut off has recurred, She begs him to take her along. Seeing him taking her seriously she wonders whether he too feels something. He replies that he is not having complete peace of mind and this is the first time that a yagna hasn’t given him calm either. He claims not to get unduly worried, but “Sati ka uttar disha jana, vahan uspe sankat aana…not good. Bhramha and Narayan have to answer if something has happened to Sati.” He adds that if that kapali (Shiv) is responsible for whatever has happened to Sati then it is the beginning of a war that will end the world.

Kaamdev’s God cohorts, lent to him by the King of Gods, return to Indra looking upset. They say Kaam doesn’t want any help but thinks himself to be invincible. Vishnu tells Narad that Shiv will come out of the forest on Mahashivratri because that is the day he has to hear his devotees. That is the day he will come out of his solitude and appear in from of an unshakable devotee who is completely devoted and ego-free.

Sati has just come out of the forest and is attacked by unseen archers (remember there is a plot executed by Satbhisha to kill her?). She is scared and hides behind a tree to see a group archers stealthily coming towards her. She tries to run away while the arrows are dogging her.

Will she be rescued by Shiv or Daksh?

By Sujata Garimella

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