Dharaa of Star Plus’ Tamanna is simply motivating several women. Know how!

The Star Plus serial Tamanna is motivational. No wonder, the story revolves around a strong girl who is not only passionate about her dreams but is also very homely and knows how to be the perfect homemaker.

Interestingly, almost every girl can relate to the main protagonists Dharaa whether they belong to rural area or urban area. The journey of Dharaa is every woman’s path these days. However, the decision that Dharaa takes at a right moment and that the right time makes her an idol. Here in the article we share why Dharaa in Tamanna is really inspiring:

star plus serial tamanna 5 Reasons Why Dharaa in Tamanna Is Inspiring!

She Has a Lot of Self-Respect

Usually, post marriage, a woman becomes a wife and their life revolves mainly around the family. Well, that’s really good. However, at the same time one should know where to draw a line. When and how is what Dharaa is teaching us right now. She is all set to leave her dreams for her husband and family yet she is not ready to compromise with her self-respect.

Dharaa in Tamanna 5 Reasons Why Dharaa in Tamanna Is Inspiring!

She Knows How and When to Take a Stand

Dharaa knows that staying with her husband Mihir will only create more and more problems for her as well as their little daughter who is very scared of her own father. This is the reason why she is taking a divorce from him. NO, she is not the one who will allow him to threaten her and her daughter by his emotional atyachar.

serial tamanna 5 Reasons Why Dharaa in Tamanna Is Inspiring!

 Despite Being Tortured, She Has Been a Good Mom

Dharaa has been a good mom to her daughter. This is proved when the little girl feeds the puppies some biscuits from her own tiffin box. She prefers sharing it with them when she hears them howling. Next, she wishes to go out and play with them. Her innocence, manners is a sign that how well her parvarish is which is done single-handedly by Dharaa. No wonder, the little bundle of joy fears even the sight of her father.

tamanna star plus serial 5 Reasons Why Dharaa in Tamanna Is Inspiring!

She is an All Rounder – Knows to Balance On as well as Off Field

Dharaa is not the one who’ll run behind her passion only and neglect about her homely duties. Well, she is the one who’ll concentrate on both the things simultaneously – something which almost all the modern working women are doing. The way she manages both the things and ensures that she performs exceptionally well at both the places is something worth appreciating.

tamanna dharaa 5 Reasons Why Dharaa in Tamanna Is Inspiring!

Dharaa is Strong and Positive

Unlike most women who are lost in the trials and tribulations of their lives, Dharaa is strong and positive. She is brave enough not to fall in the trap of her abusive marriage. Instead, she seeks separation because she knows that the troubled relationship will make her daughter’s life hell. Yes, instead of continuing in the abusive marriage, she thinks of ending it.

india vs bangladesh world cup 5 Reasons Why Dharaa in Tamanna Is Inspiring!

Not just a strong woman, Dharaa is a strong daughter and more importantly, a strong mother who cannot simply sacrifice her daughter’s happiness for the sake of society norms. In a way, she inspires almost all the women going through similar phase.

Image Source: Star Plus Twitter

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