Ashoka has defeated Keechak – Will Dharma and Bindusar Know that Ashoka is alive?

When the news reached Pataliaputra in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat that Ashoka’s ship drowned in the sea, almost all believed that Rajkumar Ashoka is dead. Ashoka’s sword that was received in the mishap made everybody believe the same. Even Samrat Bindusar accepted that his son is no more and cursed himself all the while for sending him to Takshashila.

However, this wasn’t true because Ashoka was alive and in disguise as a fisherman’s son named Ashoka. The reason being he didn’t want to alert the enemies present in the raj mahal. But now that Ashoka has finished Kichak’s tyranny and has even make him leave the royal palace of Takshashila, now the question arises –

sudhanshu pandey in ashoka Will Dharma and Bindusar Know that Ashoka is alive?

Will Bindusar know that Ashoka is alive?

Well, logically they should because now the entire Takshashila is free and everybody is aware that the Ashok who saved them from Keechak’s atrocity is not a common boy but Samrat Bindusar’s son Rajkumar Ashok. So, the news should spread and Bindusar should finally get the news that his son is not dead but alive.

bindusar ashoka relationship Will Dharma and Bindusar Know that Ashoka is alive?

Now is the  time for the people of Pataliaputra to know that Ashoka wasn’t dead. In fact, everybody should know that he lived in disguise all these days so that he could save his motherland from its enemies. It is the perfect moment that everybody should realize that only Ashoka is the true heir of Samrat Bindusar and that Acharya Chanakya’s decision to bring him in the state was Pataliaputra was not wrong.

Dharma’s Intuition that Ashoka is Alive was not wrong

Everybody thought that Dharma has gone insane when she believed that Ashoka is not dead but alive. Almost everybody including Bindusar believed that she is in a state of shock of her dead son, the same way how he felt when Ashoka was not ready to believe that his mother is dead. However, the truth was she always had faith that her son is alive. And now that everybody will know that Ashoka is alive people will realize how Dharma’s faith has triumphed in the end.

Ashoka Mother Dharma Pallavi Subhash Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Will Dharma and Bindusar Know that Ashoka is alive?

Nevertheless, Dharma will be happy to know that her son is alive. The truth that Ashoka is alive is not just the victory of her faith but also Acharya Chanakya’s trust on Ashoka. While, everybody will be happy to hear the news, it will give a huge blow to Magadh’s enemy in the palace who were living in the illusion that Ashoka is dead.

We now hope that this news soon reach the boundaries of Magadh either via a random source or by an official letter penned down by Ashok as the new prantpal of Takshashila. No wonder, we are just eager to see the happiness on the faces of his father Bindusar and mother Dharma.

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