Vasundhara Raje’s Dholpur resembles Chota Bheem’s Dholkpur. How about the launch of political version of ‘Choti Bheem’ with Vasundhara as a lead cast?

Vasundhara Raje is alleged to have illegally owned Dholpur palace. The Congress leader Jairam Ramesh tarnish Vasundhara and her party BJP with the corruption charges. Lalit Modi is proclaimed as Raje’s partner in this palace-turned-hotel.

Well, whether Dholpur is Raje’s or not, but Dholakpur is Bheem’s. And how about directing an animated TV series ‘Choti Bheem’ out of this scandal?

1. This is Bheem’s Dholakpur and Raje’s Dholpur.
dholpur dholakpur Choti Bheem Of Dholpur

2. No matter what their rivals claim may, they in their eyes own these places. bheem raje Choti Bheem Of Dholpur

3. The difference is that Bheem is the pride of Dholakpur while Raje, thief of Dholpur.thief of dholpur Choti Bheem Of Dholpur

4. Jaggu, a monkey like intelligent figure is the shrewd partner Bheem owns to solve every riddles he comes across. Jaggu, the clever partner of Bheem is alike Raje’s hotel partner Lalit Modi.jaggu lalit Choti Bheem Of Dholpur


5. Kalia is the ‘villain’ in Chota Bheem and always hellbent to criticize and disgrace Bheem.Kalia’s enemity with Bheem is as ghastly as Congress’ with BJP, rather Jairam’s with Vasundhara.kalia jairam1 Choti Bheem Of Dholpur

6. Dholu-Molu are the ‘chelas’ (disciples) Kalia has reared. Both Dholu-Molu are in quest of opportunities to plan against Bheem. Similarly, these politicians didn’t spare Raje’s case to use as an attacking tool against BJP.dholu molu Choti Bheem Of DholpurCan Pogo launch this politics-oriented ‘Choti Bheem?

By Prerna Daga

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