Know why Indians are blaming Dhoni’s Defeatist Attitude for India’s loss against Australia in the ICC World Cup 2015

‘There is pressure when you’re chasing 320 runs and we have seen in cricket that pressure makes you do things you don’t really want to do’MS Dhoni 

ms dhoni world cup 2015 comments Dhonis Defeatist Attitude Lost India The World Cup

The Australian media while appreciating their team’s brilliant performance, didn’t miss to criticize the laid back attitude of the Indian skipper.

“If India were going to have any chance of chasing down Australia’s target, it was going to come down to one of Dhoni or Kohli to go the distance but neither managed to,” a report in the ‘Daily Telegraph‘ said.

“There was hope for India for as long as MS Dhoni was still at the crease, but in the semi-final of the World Cup the Indian skipper simply gave up.” 

It was a superb throw, but Dhoni seemed to retire halfway down the pitch. There was no dive, no last-ditch attempt to make his ground, he simply ran straight down the tunnel. And with him vanished India’s last sliver of hope,” the report said.

Kevin Pieterson also agreed to this note as he was quoted saying on the Fox News

“I don’t know what Dhoni was doing here — he could have made it. Absolutely he could have made it

Sydney Morning Herald too described M.S. Dhoni’s innings as disappointing.

Here’s what the Big People in Cricket and International Media Had to Say about India’s Skipper…

They were right…

Though, Four years ago in 2011, MS Dhoni gave India, the much deserved World Cup title, this year, he was struggling for a run on every ball. He looked content with the 1s and 2s even when the asking run rate increased drastically. There was neither any helicopter shots for rescue nor any helicopter shots for safety. 

Here’s what the Frustrated Indians had to say about MS Dhoni’s performance post the semis World Cup Match on social media…

ms dhoni world cup 2015 Dhonis Defeatist Attitude Lost India The World Cup

A Powerful Comment that speaks everything…

ms dhoni comments Dhonis Defeatist Attitude Lost India The World Cup

And Finally a Mauka Mauka video on MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli

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