Diabetes, seemingly, patent and petty disease, is in reality, a root cause of other diseases. Hence, curbing your diabetes is pivotal.

Have you ever come across those big Thanksgiving Day parade balloons? Whether it’s the Bullwinkle or the Sponge-bob Square-pants, a small army of people need to hold the ropes tightly, so that the balloon does not just sail off into the sky. Well, diabetes can be a little like that. Are you facing problems with diabetes? The solvemyproblemm.com health expert says, you have to work on it to keep it under control. At times, this can seem like a lot of work, but it will definitely pay off. Now you may ask, how. Here’s the answer –

  • You will grow up just the way you should.
  • You will feel better.
  • When you grow older, you will less likely to have health problems from your diabetes.

diabetes Diabetes! How Do I Control It?


Few tips to control diabetes:

Effort in keeping the blood sugars close to normal can be hard at times. These few tips can help you do your very best in keeping your diabetes under control. It would probably be like you are marching with one of the huge parade balloons and holding on tight!

  • Make a date with a dietitian –


‘One-size-fits-all diabetes diet’, is nothing but just a myth. A dietitian will help you make a diet plan that’s right for your weight, age, activity level, medications and can also help set daily carbohydrate and calorie targets.


  • Get plenty of fiber –

fiber rich food Diabetes! How Do I Control It?



Well, it’s tough, it’s rough, yet will help you!

Fiber rich foods help –

  1. Lower the risk of heart disease.
  2. Improves control on blood sugar, reducing risk of diabetes.
  3. Promotes weight loss, by making you feel full.
  • Check your feet daily –

check your feet Diabetes! How Do I Control It?


Can’t reach your feet? Then use a mirror or ask somebody to give your feet a daily once-over, as high blood sugar levels damage nerves in the feet, leaving you unable to sense the blisters, cuts or any other injuries. This can develop a simple cut into a grave problem in a couple of days.

  • Keep moving –

walk Diabetes! How Do I Control It?


Exercise helps increase insulin sensitivity, by improving glucose uptake into the cells of the body. Aim to be active for just an hour a day, for at least five days a week. Simple activities like taking the stairs, vacuuming vigorously or a little stressful one like brisk walking, that raise the heart rate enough to making it slightly difficult to talk counts towards the daily total. Physical activity can dramatically improve glucose control.

  • Quit smoking –

quit smoking Diabetes! How Do I Control It?


It’s a universal truth that, smoking is injurious to health. It is especially harmful for people with diabetes, since it increases insulin resistance as well as causes blood vessels to narrow down, limiting circulation to your feet and legs.

►   Lose extra weight –

lose weight Diabetes! How Do I Control It?

Now, exercise for increasing heart rate is different than that for cutting down weight. In case you are overweight, then your diabetes prevention may hinge on weight loss. Each pound you lose counts in improving your health and you’ll be surprised by how much. Regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes by nearly 60 percent.

►   Make healthier choices –

Well, glycemic index diet, low-carb diets or any other fad diets initially help you cut down weight. But these diets keep you away from essential nutrients. Neither their long term effects nor their effectiveness in preventing diabetes are known. Instead, think variety and portion control as part of your overall healthy-diet plan.

Switch on the control – prevention is a big deal:

If you are at increased risk of diabetes, then diabetes prevention better be your priority. These slight changes in your lifestyle can avoid serious health complications of diabetes down the road. Diabetes control is as basic as becoming more physically active, eating more healthfully and losing a few extra pounds – and it’s definitely never too late to start. Just be healthy, stay healthy and feel good.

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