Star Plus Mahabharat shows Drupad isn’t happy that he was bestowed with a girl in the yagya – Did he really hate draupadi? Check the analysis here

According to our knowledge of Mahabharat we all are well aware that, after the Pandavas defeated King Drupad for their guru Dron, the king wished a son and a daughter. While, the son Dhrishtadyuman was mainly to defeat and kill Dron who took away half of Drupad’s kingdom, he prayed for a daughter so that she could marry the brave Arjun, who had impressed Drupad during his war with them in which Pandavas had defeated him.

Krishna Arjuna Did Drupad Hate His Daughter, Draupadi?

Krishna & Arjuna, Photo: ISKCON.ORG

That’s what the basic Mahabharat story is. So according to this, it means Drupad loved his daughter, Draupadi. However, the new Mahabharat has something very contradictory to depict.

Here it seems that Drupad is not someone who likes girl child, nor does he pray for one. It seems that Draupadi was forcefully given to him by Gods as he never wanted a girl to be born out of the yagna. In the serial, when Drupad confesses his hatred towards her, she thinks of leaving the kingdom and so goes near the river to end her life.

But after few moments, there is another scene where Draupad tells his son to kill Dron who however, is stopped by supernatural forces which comes from none another than Shri Krishna himself. In the fight when, Krishna defeats Drupad and he is about to kill him with his gadha, Draupadi comes in picture and shouts you cannot kill my father. If you want to kill him, you will first have to kill me.

Now doesn’t this modern tale looks filmy, another tale of girl child aggravation? Now, is this really true that Draupad hated Draupadi? If it is, then was the BR Chopra Mahabharat crap?

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January 20, 2014 at 5:04 pm

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