Mamata’s silence instead of condemning Imam Barkati’s invective remarks against someone as significant as PM Modi is not just bearable.

Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid in Tollygunge, Kolkata, has brazenly issued a fatwa, guaranteeing a reward of 25 lakh to anyone who beheads Modi, shaves his beard of and coat him with black ink.  Imam impudently criticized Modi’s demonetization move as a hoax to befool common mean and sought imprisonment for Modi. His vituperative remark came in the presence of a TMC’s MP Idris Ali to which Idris remained un-condemnable. Undoubtedly, Bengal’s politics was never sophisticated but giving space to such termites is paving a way to hollow Bengal.

imam fatwa modi Didi’s Tolerance For Imam likes Harbingers Doomed Bengal

This small dot embedded on the eastern half of India, Bengal, once used to be recognized worldwide for the greatness of Tagore, Aurobindo, BC Roy and Syama Prasad Mookerjee. But today, it is appalling to know that Bengal is a forgotten dot. Even if recognized, only because of its awful politics. Didi genuinely has taken a toll on the future of Bengal.

Politics has merely become a ladder for Mamata to climb up, being absolutely ignorant of Bengal’s welfare, to her pinnacle of power. Her politics is far, very far, away from the idea of governance. Rather, politics for her is branding herself at the cost of Bengal. What good measures does this lady adopt for the benefit of Bengal? From fly-over collapse to communal riots to Sharada scam, her deliberate indifference has only incurred the decline of Bengal.

Imam Barkati mamata 1 Didi’s Tolerance For Imam likes Harbingers Doomed Bengal

Once again, Didi is being shamelessly unresponsive to the imam’s nefarious statement against nobody but somebody as significant as the nation’s PM. Will she ever give a break to her vote-bank politics? Will she ever brand Bengal and not her own face? Will Bengal ever be free of such evil clutches?

By Prerna Daga

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